Ketu Mahadasha


Hi @Prasanna ji, @Sree.sree , your valuable advice and guidance can enlightenment my mind.

Hema Gopal
DOB: 16 / 12 / 1989
Time: 12:40 AM (Midnight)
Location: Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia
[ 1° 44' N, 103 ° 54' E ]

Im Hema Gopal Currently running Ketu Mahadasha Mercury Antradasha until November 2023. Married on 2017 with 2 kids now. I'm still struggling in term of money gaining and my family are suffering since my income is the main source for them. Would my life will be better after May/June 2023? How is my remaining Dasha going to be?

Birth Chart: Leo Assendant, 4th house(Mars-Scorpion sign), 5th house( Sun, Saturn & Mercury - Sagitarious sign), 6th house(Rahu & Venus - Capricorn sign), 11th house(Jupiter - Gemini sign) & 12th house (Ketu & Moon in cancer sign)

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you


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@hema , current period is not good for money matters,after dec 2025 onwards you have growth in income and will be peak earnings around 2032 to 2035

hyme sristuthi to pass current period

bad period will pass soon ,ketu dasha also going to end by dec 2023

no worries hyme above slogam it will relief from financial pressures


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if you are trying to understand the chart.
In your Leo rising chart there are few challenges due to Ketu and Moon in 12th house and mutual aspects of 6H Venus and malefic 12H Moon
causing KS yoga. The planet Sun ruling the chart is weak.

Current Ketu maha dasa and Mercury antar dasha could bring stress to job and family life from end of May onwards.