Kathy Barnette (Political Figure) Claims She Was a By Product of Rape


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I'm not interested in getting into a political debate about this, but I wanted to see if anyone has any knowledge on this topic from an astrological perspective. Kathy Barnette is pro-life & claims to be a by product of rape. Of course, since she isn't as well known (literally just heard of her) so I don't think a birth time is available. Her birthday is Sep 6, 71. I know it's not a full chart but is it possible to see in someones chart if they can be a by product of rape? For example, you can tell when the parents were in harmony or not during conception from the chart, so I was wondering if something like this can be seen. Prolly not necessarily in her chart since there is no time, but is it possible with a full chart? again, I know nothing is definitive, but are there perhaps clues to this possibility in general? Just a thought.

Here is her chart for easier viewing: https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/c...lerance=1&aya=&tolerance_paral=1.2#aspekt_309


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Without a birth time this is almost impossible to determine.
The houses are an important consideration, and that's missing in a noon chart.
We would need to look at the 8th and the 12th houses.
As well as Moon aspects.
Normally one looks at Pluto, Venus and mars for sexual abuse or rape.
Depending on moon's position, it could be in opposition to pluto, but it's just speculation.
Also, it's helpful to look at asteroids, and midpoints, that could be a determining factor.
Finally, mercury is in a wide square to Neptune, so possibly fantasising, openly lying, or just deluded and confused.