Karmic relationship


Hi there,

I recently just ended a relationship that has taken a really big toll on me. I felt like we were soulmates or twin flames, and so did he. But we weren't ready yet. I don't know if we will ever be ready for each other, the intensity is so much. We have a lot to learn on our own first.

This relationship has completely changed me as a person, and I think it has done it for him too. But it became unhealthy, we exposed a lot of our shadow selves, and I knew in order for us to get better we needed time apart to figure it out on our own.

Do you think we will reconcile down the line? Or is it better to walk away for good? We are currently no contact as of 3 weeks.

What do you guys think of our composite chart? Any response will be greatly appreciated.

What I notice: Scorpio rising with moon and pluto in 1st, venus square saturn, sun square mars, moon & saturn, moon square pluto, venus and pluto, etc. There seems to be showing themes of power and control, and intensity.


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