Karmic place- leaving or stay and accept?

Greetings fellow astrologers- I have an important question to clear. It would be very nice if you share some insights
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Hi, A29!
Why do you want to interprete your chart (natal chart, I suppose) only by the way of karmic mannor? That's what I'm wondering.
In your special question, if to st


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Sorry, my computer did what I don't want so - :(
So I continue :
Your question, if you have to leave or to stay in this house is perhaps better to be asked in a horary chart. There you will find, if the chart is radically, if it is a question of karma or not.
Here, in your natal chart, my first opinion was, that your Sun in the 12th is not so able to see the reality as it is. And the matter of your grandfather I would see more the 4th and the ruler 1) Mercury and 2) the Moon. And then you see the connexions between Mercury/Mars and the Moon conjunct to the Part of Fortune.

Concerning the matter of Karma you can consider that all things are karma, the good just as the bad things. All things that happen to you are the result of your ancient actions. But you are able in this life to change your karma in doing what you have to do for this, I will say in following the logic of the dharma. You see? astrology or not, the Karma always depends from your own actions. Therefore, in this special case I would separate these two subjects and question my mind and my desire in the way like "what and where I want to live?".
Best wishes for you!