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I was considering the idea of karma and old souls as I perused forums based on theories about karma and old souls. Some people have said the position of Saturn determines how old a soul is. Others think souls are timeless.

I myself have been wrestling with the idea of souls for a good several months (in a strong, everyday sort of fashion). What makes an 'old soul' or a 'young soul'? I remember finding stuff on a site involving Michael teachings and determining how old a soul is. Because I have been debating soul age between me and a close friend, I can safely say that it makes you feel like total **** whenever you consider that someone you knew might be "an older soul" than you -- who here is with me? "Ah, NO! WHYYY!" And then the Michael teachings categorize souls. In my opinion that's kind of a dick move on the Universe's part...sure, we all make mistakes and everything, and yes, I might nag on forums here because I am completely unsure of myself, but I mean...the idea that souls are older than another is, while at one end, alluring and possibly satisfying, on the other end lies the presumed agreeable notion that All-That-Is has always existed and will always exist. Therefore, each of our souls is infinite and part of that which is All-That-Is . . . right?

Can you even BEGIN to assume to know who is an older soul by a birth chart?

Well, I will probably never, ever, ever know. Yet those theories about Pluto's placements, or Saturn's placements, or your house planets...I myself am one who likes to soak in EVERYONE'S opinions...because everyone, in my opinion has something to offer! Even if it includes a crude or possibly crazy theory, I STILL accept it. And compare theories. "Well, in this case it's this, but what about in that case?" o_O Hahaha, it's quite boggling.

I suppose deep down I am searching for the truth on an external level, because then I feel comfortable searching for the truth on an internal level. You may call me as childish a soul for not sticking to one form of ideas, but the possibilities are endless...yet, for me doing that, WOULD that make me childish?

And then there is the factor of karma. You can change karma by a longshot, so I've been told. Do the right things, keep yourself cool and level-headed, that kind of thing. But what sort of karma do we each have based on our astrological birth charts? Furthermore, can anyone know they have cleared their karma? Personally, I don't think that's possible...I believe everyone has stuff to learn and let go of. But then again, I don't know (but I sure as all goodness wish I did...).

I look at my chart and, on one side, I feel like I don't have much to clear. Or maybe I am like...one of the youngest souls on the planet. I have been told by a reader a looong time ago something along the lines of this life being a 'ride' or something pleasant like that. PLEASANT!? In the case of a young soul, excuse me, but NO, I want to learn as much as possible to get out of this cycle! However on another light, perhaps this is just a joke existence to enjoy. I can't enjoy it if that is the case.

Then you have my friend's chart, who has planetary aspects up the wazoo and Pluto in the 12th. :annoyed:

I am interested in hearing anyone's ideas on karma and the release of it in current lifetimes, as well as the ideas of possibility in determining someone's 'soul age' through birth charts. I would also like to know what you guys think of karmic releases between our two charts, and what we have to let go of to move on, and also where you guys think our souls are in our evolutionary paths.

Though I shudder to think I am young and childish as a soul based on my birth chart in comparison to my friend, well, I guess we shall see.


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As one who does study the Michael Teachings on the side with astrology, I'll invite you to read the following article: http://www.michaelteachings.com/older_not_better.html

As the link says, Older is not better. There are some very gracious baby and young souls, and some very bitter old souls. Its much like grade school. Elementary school was hard - when you were in elementary school. High school and college are hard - when you are in those levels of education. I wouldn't dare expect to see an elementary school student be able to make it through a college level course, but I also know that there are many college students that forget some of the things we learned in elementary school. No level is better than another, its just ... different.

I too have heard many theories regarding placement of planets or the number of retrograde planets in a natal chart, and all is well. But, consider this. The natal chart is simply an imprint at birth, think of it as the various paints on a paint tray. You still have that empty canvas of life to paint. You can choose to paint it however you like. If you don't like the painting, you can always paint over things or white it out and paint something else.

Karma is simply what we do, both good and bad. As we learn in the Michael Teachings, and is rather hard to swallow for many, including myself, everything is about choice. We learn from the good and the bad, but ultimately, it is about choice. We learn to love, we learn to feel both pleasure and pain. Why? Because its all about learning through the many experiences that we can generate throughout our series of lives on this planet.

While the categorization of soul age is helpful, it is not the only factor in play. I've barely scratched the surface myself, but honestly, I'll give the same advice I give to middle schoolers that are about to enter high school. You are an individual, learn to embrace that fact. Don't resign yourself to a single group or mindset, but be willing to see all points of view. Have fun, learn a lot of cool new things, but most importantly, be yourself.


Taking a quick look at the two charts, I would probably guess that Krista has a harder life, and I only look at the Pluto conj Moon in Scorpio in the 12th house. I've got the same in my 3rd house, with a Leo Sun in 12th, but wow, doing that in the 12th house would be extremely difficult for anyone to pull off, as it indicates a large emotional swing, but kept hidden away. This can be a great source of inner strength and depth of experiences, or it can mean a one-way ticket to self-destruction of epic proportions. I don't think a younger soul would choose this configuration, as this would seem to be a double edged sword that would seem to be very difficult to balance. But, this is just my opinion.
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Hi im new here,
I have been searching for a way to find out if I was an old/new soul etc.. I understand there maybe no true way of knowing, and that we are all different etc etc be the individual and open minded etc etc etc..

Although would still like to hear thoughts on my aspects, and my karma.. and if its why I am having a hard time with my lessons per-say lol.. just finding life challenging to say the least, temptation gets me every time, find it hard to stay grounded and at peace, I blow up with anger and stupidities that are hard to control.. I am working on it, but it just keeps coming bk to say see I told you so.. (im slowly learning, but it is challenging to say the least) anyways any thoughts would be amazing if you wouldn’t mind.. (and exactly wat kina karma im dealing with or things I need to let go of.. im guessing its something todo with relationships? friends and lover and family?) I know I have a lot of pluto and that is my trouble??? but im new to astrology and wouldnt mind a helping hand
thanks :)

p.s another reason I would like to know, is because my chart is bunched up in one tiny corner.. is that because I am a new soul? etc or an old soul working on last bits of karma etc? i really have no idea, like I said im new to astrology, and just wondered why my chart is all bunched up???

thanks again!! :biggrin:


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WoW. Atleast some folks are talking about soul ages and levels in this forum.
I've been a follower of Michael Teachings and did my chart from David Gregg. I contribute to several forums on this topic.

It's been my quest to know the connection between the soul ages and to know more from a birth chart but I could hardly found anyone who really cracked it. Maybe time has not come to me to unearth this.

I know a few Vedic astrologer who can see some advance charts to unearth one's past lives and karmic balance but those can't be proved.

I would rather say, it's someone who is an elevated being having access to Akashic Record (Search for this term if you are not familiar with it already) can help us to tell our future. There's definitely astrology since ancient times that can tell soul levels and levels, karmic balance but I found it to be rarely available.