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I haven't reviewed all that Phoenix Venus and I posted in this thread back in 2014 and I may have mentioned this before...if so excuse my redundancy, but there was a lot of other significant astrological activity during the period that followed that emphasized the 16th degree of Cancer, the 8th degree of Gemini [the location of the natal, Tropical Zodiac, location of the USA"s Part of Destiny and its Part of Astrology] and matters pertaining to higher education and what the Cosmos was trying to get the society of the United States aware of as a whole...the "Sidereal Procession adjusted natal chart position of the USA's Part of Ideal Love [Asc. + :neptune: - :venus:] is as of this coming July 4th, 2018 at 15* :cancer: 13' 39', and in addition, that of its Part of Faithfulness, aka the Part of Stability [Asc. + :saturn: - :mercury:] will be at 15* :cancer: 09' 21" and the Sidereal Procession adjusted natal I.C. which will be at 15* :cancer: 07' 38" ...so perhaps you can understand my concern at present that these Sabian Symbols and the veracity of their existence and application to the Tropical Zodiac, is made well known to the American public as a whole, or as great a portion of that whole that is capably possible, by the date of this nations next birthday, Independence Day, July 4, 2018... in fact I believe it to be as imperative a thing to be fully informed of as to anything that is going on behind the scenes in Washington D.C. at present, and perhaps even more so as they can reveal all that which is going on behind the scenes at present when used as an application to a proper technique of astrological inquisition...imho, of course:wink:
The 16th of Cancer having the Sabian Symbol [ibid.]


A deep concern with problems raised by the process of personality integration.

After a person decides to follow a certain course of action, accepting a new allegiance, the results of this decision at the three basic levels of human experience (actional, emotional-cultural and individual-mental) have to be stabilized and consolidated.
This is what is meant by the process of personality integration. In Asia the great symbol of this process is the Mandala; in the Christian world we find, in various forms, the symbol of the Cross. The Christian design is often simple and bare; it is its reference to the crucifixion of a God-man that personalizes or emotionalizes it. The Oriental Mandala can take an infinite variety of forms and can encompass a vast multiplicity of contents; it is psychological and cosmic. The square - the foundation of the Mandala - potentially encloses diverse contents. The Cross, on the other hand, represents conflict in action; it is a symbol of tragic overcoming. The Mandala symbolizes integration of opposing trends and multiple bipolar energies.

This is the first stage of the twenty-second five-fold sequence. It reveals a deep effort on the part of the individualized consciousness to reach a solid basis of understanding that will allow it to perceive the structural relationship of every part of the personality to every other part. It is a mental process implying study and an inward-turning of the attention,
CONCENTRATION; even more it is a symbol of what might at first be called CONFORMATION — that is, a profound and stabilizing sense of form, but of one's own individual form, not an external socio-cultural pattern"

It also happens to be the location of my natal Astrological Part of Hidden Identity aka Part of Oration, and may I remind you all that Dane Rudhyar's book on the Sabian Symbols is titled "AN ASTROLOGICAL MANDALA. THE CYCLE OF TRANSFORMATIONS AND ITS 360 SYMBOLIC PHASES"

These events of significant Astrological activity include such as a Venus Neptune conj. in December of 2000, in the 5th degree of Aquarius while Jupiter was in perfect trine aspect in the 5th of Gemini,, and at the same time when the true N. Node was in the 16th degree of Cancer, also a Lilith Neptune conj. in the 7th degree of Aquarius the following January of 2001, and at the same time that the Sun and the Moon were both in the 7th degree of Aquarius in New Moon phase and the true N. Node was in the 16th degree of Cancer, the 8th degree of Gemini, Tropical Zodiac, comes up quite a bit as well and that is the natal, Tropical Zodiac, location of the natal Part of Destiny of the United States and the USA's natal Part of Astrology [Asc. + Mercury - Uranus] ...

...and note that Neptune was in the 7th of Aquarius at the time of the Jupiter Saturn conj. in May of 2000 and note that the 7th of Aquarius is the Tropical Zodiac position of the USA's natal charts' South Node of the Moon. ... it also happens to be my natal North Node, and Phoenix Venus' natal I.C. and my yogi buddy, Suryakant's, natal South Node, i.e., the fellow that had all the tools I would need so as to be able to recognize the Yeshu'a' birth chart for what it truly is. ...and it also so happens to be ex president Obama's location of his natal Part of Secret Enemies, [Note:...which I was recently informed is also known as the Hermetic Lot of Secret Enemies...but I've yet to find any irrefutable evidence that it is as such an Astrological Lot, unquestionably, of Hermetic origin and orientation] derived from the formula, Asc. +Cusp 12th House - Ruler of 12th House, and as is also Obama's natal Part of Change [Asc. + Uranus - Pluto] and was the location of Barrack Obama's and the USA's prog. natal composite charts' Desc. on November 6, 2012 when He was re-elected for a second term, It was the location of Richard Nixon's progressed natal Uranus at the time of His resignation, and the 7th degree of Leo is the location of Obama's Part of Increase and Benefits. The 7th of Leo also is ex president Clinton's location of His natal Part of Innocence, aka Part of Naivete, aka, that "traditionally" known as "the Part of Disputes" and, or, the "Part of Lawsuits" which both may be horary interpretations for the result derived from the formula, Asc. + Mercury - Mars, and which formula is the reverse as to that which is for deriving the Part of Intelligence & Wisdom, i.e. that which represents how one most wisely knows how to apply their intelligence...and so the opposite surely represents that which one just doesn't even have a clue as to anything about, i.e. the opposite of being of such an intelligence as to knowing about and understanding it and, or, as to how to apply such knowledge. ...that particularly keen intelligence as to that Sabian symbolically illustrated... wisely. Thus indicating for Bill Clinton that He can't grasp the understanding of such a precept, symbolically given by the Sabian Symbol for the 7th degree of Leo, as that being the ordained orientation of that first and all the future incarnations of the United States' 'society in common' that the core purpose of the existence of the nation being of the ability to identify and define what is, and what has always been from the beginning, a true archetypal form, the enduring true archetype as implied by the fact that the 7th of Leo and its Sabian Symbolism is that of the N. Node of the natal chart of the USA [as the North Node also always gives the symbolic answer as to what all the rest of the ephemeral astrological activity of any given moment, in truth, deposits to.*] demonstrates his being unable to understand what the true spiritual orientation of this nation is and was destined as to always be as so... [ A personal "aside" to those of whom it may be of any concern, I do persist that such orientation be that of a Christian nation...and lest my Hindu friends become upset , let us not forget that Christ and Krishna mean one and the same thing, the same entity.
One can say "a Christian Nation" or a "Krishna Nation" and be correct either way... although to those of the Bhakti Order of Yoga , they will likely state it as to be more proper to say "a nation of realized Krishna consciousness"
The enduring Archetype that is as enduring as the Stars in the night sky is that of Christ or Krishna, Jesus/Yeshu'a, Rama, the Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, et al, were but mortal men. It is believed that Yeshu'a became one with the Christ and I believe some sects of Sanatan Dharm, aka Hinduism, consider Ram to have become one in consciousness with Krishna. But it is only that form as what results from such oneness of consciousness that is the enduring archtype for all. That of the very manifestation of Christ/Krishna incarnate as its-self ..and all the preceding here within these parenthesis are but statements made imho, of course.

... and that 7th of Aquarius, though it be the South Node of the Moon of the USA at birth and as such represents what the USA was arriving from at the time of its birth and must, by necessity, be left behind as to have been a part of its past, or prior incarnation , i.e. that of a collection of colonies... and as thus it is in a positive expression of the Sabian Symbol in regards to the USA's past and one can easily discern that it was such individuals that were the Founding Fathers of the nation...but that the symbolism can also be easily discerned to be a representation of what those that presently aspire a different destiny for the USA than that indicated in its natal chart...I am referring to those that speak of and actively seek a "New World Order" ...and Neptune poorly aspected while in that Sabian Symbols' degree of the Zodiac could be only of ill foreboding... wouldn't you say?
[and note that the Hermetic Lot of Eros of the natal chart of the USA is at 06* Aquarius 24' 52", and that, by the way, the Pentagram constructed in alignment with the M.C. of the birth chart of Yeshu'a has the 7th degree of Aquarius as one of the points of the five pointed upright Star, it being bi-quintile, i.e. 144*, in aspect to 01* Cancer... ]



The emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos.

The ancient symbolism of the Cosmic Egg (Hiranyagharba in Sanskrit) out of which a new universe is born can be interpreted at several levels. Here we see the appearance of a new type of human being who is not born from 'Ancestors' and who therefore is free from the inertia of mankind's past. He is a new product of evolution, a mutant. He constitutes a fresh projection of the creative Spirit that emanates from the cosmic or planetary Whole, and not from any local culture and racial tradition.

This second stage symbol is in contrast with the preceding one. It can be said to announce the
EMERGENCE OF GLOBAL MAN for the New Age. The power of the whole is focused within him in perfect freedom from ancient standards of value based on local conditions."

..and for review, as to where the natal North Node of the Moon is found to be in the Tropical Zodiac, i.e. the 7th degree of Leo [...and my natal S. Node, the natal N. Node of Phoenix Venus and that of Suryakant and which has shown up, so far to date, in everyones chart that has had something to do with this endeavor of rectifying Astrological techniques and understanding...{and is also presently the progressed natal Asc. of my clairvoyant friend, Clarisse...and Her progressed natal M.C. at present is the exact same Sign and degree as that of the natal, Tropical Zodiac, Asc. of the USA, i.e. the 22nd degree of Aries.} ] [ibid.]


The power of basic spiritual values which refer to man's common humanity and to all enduring archetypes.

The experience of the night sky with its multitude of stars, especially brilliant in all the countries from which astrology came, is just as basic and archetypal an experience as that of sunrise, full moon and seasonal changes. Every people on this Earth has developed the concept of constellations, probably because of a need to find order in existence and to personalize everything that could be given a permanent form. Such personalizations can be called 'psychic projections', but the projection concept should be worked out both ways. If man projects his basic human nature upon the star-filled night sky, is it not just as logical to say that the universe projects its own forever-evolving patterns of order upon human nature? In either case we deal with archetypal factors which endure through a long series of generations.

This second stage symbol once more stands in perfect contrast to the preceding one. The nearly unchanging patterns of star groups are opposed to the sequence of ever-changing fashions and social ideals. The Keyword here is

[*Just as the natal Part of Hyleg of ones birth chart is that Astrological Part that all the rest of ones natal Astrological Parts in fact deposit to....or one of a set, as We have discovered there is likely at least three and possibly four such "Hylegesque" type Parts to contend with and all, so far to this date and the limit of our investigation at this time, have shown to be of such an importance to be that.]
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During the Jupiter Venus conj. of June 3, 2002, the first that followed the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in May of 2001
At the time of this conj. the USA natal chart for July 4, 1776 @ 12:00:01 AM. Philadelphia, Penn. the sideral had proceeded 03* 08' 50.66" forward. Thus by adding that amount to all natal Tropical positions what that amounts to is a possible listing of true points of conjunction by the transiting influences.
Thus the USA natal Part of Wastefulness @ 28* Pisces 08' 56" would then be active at precisely at , or at close apprx. to, 01* Aries 17' 46"
The Part of Obstructionism at natal Tropical at 29* Pisces 06' 56" then would have been at 02* Aries 15' 46.
The natal Tropical Part of Treasure at 29* Pisces 12' 40" would have been right at, or apprx. close to, 02* Aries 21' 30" and
the USA natal Part of Commerce/Passion at Tropical 29* Pisces 44' 19" would have been at 02* Aries 53' 15", or in very close apprximation

I notice that Lilith was within a one degree orb of conjunction to all four of those natal Parts', hypothetically, active locations at that time.

Please note that the "Part of Treasure" represents that which you have found to be of great value that which others have tossed aside as valueless.

As the USA's natal Part of Treasure was in the 30th degree of Pisces, Tropical Zodiac, at conception I have found that to be a most awesome revelation in that in the Traditional order of progrssion through the 360 degrees of the Zodiac whwich represent a process of transformation as it applies to all matters of the mundane... and we are discussing "mundane matters" here...it then is the concluding symbol as to what that process amounts to.

The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer.
Nathaniel Hawthorne's story 'The Great Stone Face' is used here in an allegorical sense to show the capacity for self-transformation latent in man. This power can be developed through visualization, when the emotions and the will are poured into the visualized mental image. At the highest spiritual-cosmic level this is the power used by the God-like Beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic Formula (the Word) which will start a new universe. In a biological sense, it is the power latent in all seeds — the power to produce and guide the growth of the future plant. A most fitting symbol for the last phase of the cyclic process. Within the end of the cycle the seed of a new beginning exists in potency — unless the entire cycle has proven to be a failure.
This is the last stage of the last scene of the great ritual play of cyclic transformations. It brings to us a realization of the power of archetypes as factors conditioning life processes. Thus we could use as a final Keyword: ARCHETYPALIZATION."

So, again, the Sabian Symbol for the natal North Node of the USA, i.e. the 7th of Leo, is brought to our attenetion, as you should recall what Rudhyar wrote about the 7th degree of Leo, particularly: [ibid.] "KEYNOTE: The power of basic spiritual values which refer to man's common humanity and to all enduring archetypes.", and Dane's "Keyword" summation; [ibid.]. "The nearly unchanging patterns of star groups are opposed to the sequence of ever-changing fashions and social ideals. The Keyword here is PERMANENCE."

...and Lilith was actively triggering all four of those Parts as fopr being under her influence...and right in the month of June, 2002.

Yeah, makes sense to me.

Ther USA's natal Part of Treachery, Tropical, which at nconception was at 01* Cancer 15' 32" would have progressed to 04* Cancer 24' 22" exactly, or in very close near approx., and transiting Mars at 04* Cancer 15' 30" was surely conjunct.

...sounds 'spot on' to me...

As to natal Tropical conjs. transiting Mercury was conjunct to the natal position of the USA's natal Part of Sudden Advancement. aka. the Hermetic Lot of Nemesis @ 02* Gemini 23' 11"

Transiting Juno was conj. the USA's natal Tropical "Part of Sudden Parting" @ 27* Leo 23' 31".

The Part of Fortune derived from the Jupiter Venus conj. event chart @ 09* Virgo 54' 52" and the USA's natal, Tropical, Part of Daughters had progressed to 10* Virgo 02' 35" and that is well within even one quarter of a degree of orb in conjuction.

The USA's natal, Tropical, location of its Part of Fortune @ 25* Scorpio 40' 42" had progressed exactly, or approx. very near, to 28* Scorpio 49' 38" and the Asc. of the event chart, at 29* Scorpio 21' 57", is well within a one degree orb of conjunction.
...and also to the natal Part of Delusion, aka Part of Duplicity [Asc. + Neptune - Moon] at 27* Scorpio 04' 23", Tropical, which had progressed to 00* Sag. 13' 19".
As to any Tropical conjs. the event chart Asc. was just beyond a one dgree aspect of conj. to the USA's natal Part of Strategy [Asc. + Pluto - Mars] which is @ 28* Scorpio 10' 15".

Transiting Pluto, at that time, was conj. by less than a one degree orb with the USA's natal Tropical position of its Part of Exile @ 15* Sag. 35' 35", exactly in the same degree to the USA's natal Part of Slyness @ 16* Sag. 20' 04", and also almost is in suuch a conj with the USA's natal, Tropical position of its, Part of Kings & Royalty, aka Part of Dissociation, [Asc. + Moon - Mars] @ 17* Sag. 25' 56", but the transiting North Node surely is and by adjustment for the Sideral procession the North Node was also conj. the aforemantion Part of Exile.

Transiting Chiron, @ 07* Cap 39' 24" rx, was conj. with the USA's natal, Tropical position, Part of Termination [that vey same Part and position I predicted as early as in September 2012, here in this forum in two different threads, that when Pluto was in conj. with both that natal Part's Tropical position, in December 2012, and exactly conj the USA's natal , Tropical position, Part of Repression that an act of repression would be hoisted upon us Yanks and I also warned of being aware of a "false flag" event taking place on that day and so it was that was on that day that the shootings, the senseless tragedy of, Sandy Hook did occur....and within 20 minutes actual time of the exact conjuntion too.] which is @ 07* Cap. 58' 12" and the natal, Tropical, position of the Part of Repression is @ 08* Cap. 42' 41".

Transiting Neptune, @ 10* Aquar. 51' 32" rx, was just beyond the natal Sideral procession adjusted natal True North Node which would have been at approx, 09* Aquar. 44' 04" and the natal, Sideral procession adjusted, Hermetic Lot of Eros which would have been @ 09* Aquar. 33' 48".

...and Transiting Uranus and Pallas, which was only 23" of a degree ahead of Uranus at the time were conj. the USA's natal, Sideral procession. adjusted Part of Gossip at 29* Aquar. 44' 38".


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Greetings, once again.
I'm suffering terribly from a pinched nerve in my right arm that has my neck and shoulder wracked up and has rendered half of my right hand numb and useless and this has been going on for over two months now. I may have to retire from all writing until I can return to normal ...if I can.
I inadvertently drag the little finger over the keys which leads to all sorts of mayhem as for trying to use the keyboard...so, bear with any typos, if you all can, it's a real b**** to even do this much. I'm also going to be as brief as to explanations as I can get away with and in fact am going to copy and paste a a lot from what I email Phoenix Venus the other day...and she has been sweet enough to run down some of the chart work it is taking...

I so do want to get into this topic as I'm re-reading Rabbi Joel Dobin's wonderful book, "Kabbalistic Astrology" for the second time.
I got my copy sometime back in the 1990's and it took awhile to get through it as it is so deep, so esoteric, that by the time I finished it during the summer of 2001 I had already forgotten some of it.

Heck, it's so difficult to type this morning that I'm just going to copy and paste excerpts of what I wrote Her [a real b**** is that my middle finger keeps right clicking when I rest my hand on the mouse...and using my left feels so unatural...sigh] ...hopefully you all can understand and follow along...

"...Dobin's on the way...I got to point out what I was talking about... if I can sit still for a bit i'll type it out and send pics of the couple/few pages that he wrote about it. it has to do with the cycle of conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn...he says occur apprx. every twenty years...he gets into the number of years of a few cycles, I don't know why I didn't catch it years ago when I first read this part of the book [it's early in the book] but that was the early 90's and I guess some of these concepts were totally new to me at the time and I just glazed over them and picked up the thread on after...."

"You see, it was not until after i wrote the book that I recall ever hearing of the "Saros". As one of the members of the forum, since resigned in her own way, a Jewish woman that lived in England and claimed to also be a "Rabbi" [she deleted all her posts] told me that the number 666 also has another reference, she said it is the number of the Saros and that it has to do with certain Sun-Moon eclipses [In fact I tried to start compiling charts of what I believed those eclipses are, of which i''m still not sure... I did get a number of them, so if you get into any of this and wish to have them I'll send them along, but I can't guarantee that they are the definition of the exact kind called for...of which I can't recall what kind she said [her name just came back to me, 'Olivia', that was her aw forum name] but the important thing I was trying to determine, at least I think it is important, is what is the length of years of a cycle of the Saros as I: recall the number 666 referred to the number of these eclipses, which doesn't mean that the years add up to the same, in fact it was looking like very far from it if I was on the right track...
But this digression of mine needs to stop... here...
I'm becoming more conscious of time management with each less day I have on this earth... so much to do... and God only knows how much time in which to get it done..."

"As I'm re-reading the pertinent passage once again I'm getting the itch bad to find out what the symbolic message is.
Think of it Stacey, no one has likely ever glanced upon these in tens of thousands of years...if ever!?!
It's like getting to be the first to see Mt. McKinley or Everest, like seeing Lake Tahoe for the first time back when Fremont was the first white man to in the early 1800's or Niagara Falls, for you East Coasters.
He introduces the concept starting with the significance of the number 20. The number 20 is mentioned many times in the building of the Tabernacle, that every young man, upon turning 20, was responsible for the collective good of the community.
As Saturn is the outermost and slower of the two, it was considered by the ancients to be the "the transmitter of the mysteries","... the 'Divine Messenger'. And since the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was a twenty year occurrence, the idea developed that God passed on the message of His Divine Will at every Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Jupiter then passed it on to every planet in the Heavens during the year following, since the Planets sunward of Jupiter make at least one conjunction with Jupiter each year. Thus the astrological rational for the necessity of reaching the age of twenty to be counted as a responsible member of the community was that at least one Jupiter-Saturn conjunction would have occurred before the twentieth birthday...and the young man could know God's Will for him by consulting his astrologer.

"i REALIZE NOW THAT IT IS A LOT MORE THAN JUST ONE CHART AND ONE SABIAN EVERY TWENTY YEARS [WHOOPS...****, my cap key got reversed again, I never understood how I'm causing this] it's every twenty and the year that follows following all the Jupiter-inward conjunctions...whew...!"

"Now, the Rabbi was ...i hate to say it, pretty bad when it came to any ephemeris work/quotes so be aware of that.
So, the Rabbi goes on and there is a chart ...but like I said about his work..."

" 'Astrologers also noticed that such conjunctions occurred at least three or four times in the same triplicity, and that the change from one triplicity to the other heralded a major change in the manifestation of God's Will. For example, the last four Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occurred at the following times: {chart}
Sept. 8 1921 at 26* Virgo
Feb. 15 1941 at 09* Taurus
Feb 19 1961 at 28* Cap.
Dec. 31 1980 at 09* Libra' "

"He continues..
'The next conjunction of Jup-Sat will take place on the date of May 28, 2000 and will be at 23* Gemini...'
And I wrote in the margin 'actually it was 22* Taurus?
according to ephemeris'
I recall this part now, I did check it out as to my Michaelsens 20th Century Ephemeris, which has always been very trustworthy...and I became a little disillusioned with the book and the Rabbi at this point as it is only at page 27 of the book...so, i dropped the issue, the search right then and there and never got back to it and I'm glad I continued on with the book [I had bought it at the only pure astrology bookstore in Sacramento county and home of Sac's pre-eminent Astrologer at that time...and I can't remember his name, right now, but He turned me on to Don {last name withheld}, when I approached him with the Jesus chart over the phone...hmmm...his name just came back, Wayne Moody. ..and Don hasn't been of much help and about just a jigger more of support....
yeah, so I bought it during my lunch break as i was painting at a school nearby...early 9o's sometime, and pretty much read the bulk of it on lunch and coffee breaks... I didn't finish the book until 2000-2001... when i was injured and then out of work permanently and was living along the river below....learned to do my first Sun pujas at that time...sat on a rock about 80 yrds down river from the Rainbow Bridge almost every single day all day...swimming and reading...got so brown I could pass for about anything shy of Black... I made the best of being out of work and homeless.... looking back, I've realized that I enjoyed the living daylights out of that summer..."

...and Phoenix Venus wrote back...

"I just pulled a chart up for the one in 2000... narrowed down to the minute... don't have the patience to do the seconds.... the conj is at 23 Taurus... hmm! With the mc/ic at 25* Taurus/Scorp. and the Asc at 30* Leo...
Asc being 'an unsealed letter' seems to fit with the overall premise you have in mind..."
...and she followed with...

".... a jewelry shop filled with valuable gems... the embellishment at the end of a natural process.. certification of personal worth.... hmm.
Oh yeah.. meant to say... down to the minute its 12:02 pm philly time"


...and I wrote back...

"As to his alleged conjunction in 2000 in Gemini he goes on to say
'...and will be at 23* Gemini, an Air triplicity in the Mutables. Notice that the conjunctions before 1901...'
and this is where the page ends ...so I'm going to photograph the next couple of pages and note what he says himself about the chart that is the second page acoming.
That'll be a little while later.. basically he's pointing out what relevance the series of conjunction is the Water signs society had to the element as to developments...such as in 1821 Water Signs were the cycle and from 1821 to 1901 were the years the great trade routes were established on the seas...the era of the Clipper ships, the advent of Steam ships...etc..and then it goes on to state that completing one entire cycle is 720 years..and that jibes in with those cycles that i got fascinated with...666 & 888 as he declares that the 720 is a notable divisor of one complete Yuga [not his words but you know what I'm taking about. He says they last 25, 920... although the Hindus, or at least Sri Yukteswar did, say 26,000 years and i believe it to be 26,640 [remember from my book? as 3 xs 888 = 2664 and 4 xs 666 = the same...and how the 108 revolutions of Pluto around the Sun is nearly almost exactly the same?] and notice that the difference between my figures and the Rabbi's is 720 years...!"

"Well, i was about to say that what I just gave you is adequate, but I realized that wouldn't be fair of me to make that decision for you. There's only 4 more pages of text and one chart that even he admits to not place too much faith in as gospel truth [my words] but to only use it as a general outline for the sake of demonstration and as an aid for understanding."

"and there are about 8 1/2 p'ages before the text I typed out for you
It's all part of 'Part Two, "ASTROLOGY OF ANCIENT ISRAEL", Chapter 3, "General Principles" ' but I don't know if you'll want those, or even need them at this time...like I said it took me a few to digest it all myself...and i'm still chewing.

"sol where was the Jupiter-Saturn conj. in 2000, again? Did I have it right or did he?"

...and Phoenix Venus wrote back...

"It happened at about 12:02 philly time... 22* Taurus 43'16" ."

...and I replied...

"So, I was right..or Michaelsen was, I should say
Because I wrote those margin notes before i ever saw astrodienst or even heard of them.

... this is like there's a 'Frontier' again... uncharted territory...!
I live for that thrill...I'm hooked I'm a Astro-addict"

my arm is aching terribly. I'm going to stop here, post the chart for the Saturn Jupiter conj. in 2000 and although the Rabbi didn't mention them, I searched out the first conj of the Moon, also did the Sun ~ Jupiter conj. that followed...but I also noticed and mentioned to P.V. that I was wondering if the Rabbi got it right in that it's the sunward planets that come around and conj. Jupiter, not Jupiter catching them and making the conjs...which, actually is pretty obvious to most anyone...but also that they will conj. Saturn first... that's a lot to look at and figure out...but I'm posting the Saturn conjs as well only for convenience sake for those of you that might be interested... for now, just following the Rabbi's directions is enough on one plate...


Notice: All Sabian Symbols presented in this thread are taken from Dane Rudhyar's marvelous book, now out of print, "An Astrological Mandala"
Also 21 December 2020 exact Great Conjunction at 0 degree Aquarius which is 1 Aquarius Sabian Symbol