Just found this site...


...and I love it. :biggrin:

Hi. My name is Andrew, and I'm a Libra born in the Virgo-Libra cusp. My moon is in Leo and my rising is Sagittarius. I describe my personality as a massive pair of scales balancing two raging bonfires. lol. Unfortunately, this leads me to bad relationships with water sun sign folk. Ugh.


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Welcome to the site!
I am a leo sun, with a leo moon, and leo asc
I hope your time here is enjoyable.

EDIT*** I can't read, and thought you posted that your MOM was leo and raised a Sag....O man....
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That's perfectly fine. I remember when I first discovered that I was a leo moon - I guess it must affect males more than females, because I said, "oh, that explains a lot!" And it was literally like discovering a long-lost twin. lol. I'm typically proud, but warm and generous - moreso than your average Libra, you might say.