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Nah. Not interested and never will be. The most I've seen with Sagittarius threads is a couple "yay us!" then after a few posts things fizzle out as people find more interesting things to do.

Since I'm not trying to crash your party, lemme contribute. I only know of two confirmed cases of Aquarius risings in my life (not counting all the folks who are potentially Aqua risings but to which I have no desire to figure out). One dude who I became fast friends with through a cousin, and an ex-gf.

The ex had hers at the start of Aquarius, and with a rounding birth time, I suspected that she might have been a Capricorn rising instead. Her personality was more orthodox, lacking in self-confidence and trying to find a handle in common socially sanctioned mass behaviour (which read to me more like Cap ascendant conjunct Neptune than Aquarius rising with Uranus, which would stereotypically be read as detached and iconoclast). And she had a peculiar trait which I see as Capricornian - in philosophical and religious matters, she held the view that there is only one "right" interpretation which she would defend vehemently. I remember a case where she and a lecturer become acrimonious to one another over Plato's allegory of the cave, due to her insistence that his viewpoint was wrong. She was also quite the hypochondriac, which I've seen in the Netpune influenced.

The other Aquarius rising case is less uncertain, since his ascendant falls in the middle of the sign, conjunct Saturn and Venus. We had an instant rapport since we both had esoteric interests in common (We have the exact same Mercury placement - of like minds one could say). I don't notice detachment, in fact he seems quite sensitive which he hides with a friendly demeanor (Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Cancer). Back when I interacted with him more, I could tell he was often trying to read my face since I could see his eyes searching - I don't give a lot away and it seemed to perplex him. Apparently he was known as someone who could procure any item or information, he had the network, and savvy to do that. Also used to be the type who would find women who could "build up". Which I saw as a manifestation of his Venus conjunct Saturn. I sensed that he felt "different" from the average, which he finds irksome and perhaps makes him a bit lonely. Definitely is a quirky guy.

I see both as Saturnine. Hard workers, grinders, have taken some hard knocks, sensitive to feelings of social ostracism. None of that "transcendence" that outer planetary energy supposedly bestows.
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