jupiter/south node/venus RX in 12th- 2012 solar return


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i have a very interesting SR this year- and would love some unbiased input on the whole thing as i am finding my own personal issues/desires are coloring how i am looking at it :(

attached is a copy of the return- but below are a few highlights that i am taking notice of.

-exact time of return is 4:44am with nodes at 4'44 as well
jupiter/SN/venus RX in 12th involved in T square with moon/regulus on IC opp neptune/chiron in 10th (moon/neptune/chiron are intercepted in virgo/pisces respectively)
jupiter rules 7th, venus rules 12th and 5th
saturn stations direct in 20 hours
venus stations direct in 3 days
lots of dark feminine in the chart- sun conjunct dark moon, asteroid lilith conjunct neptune/chiron midpoint (6'34 pisces to be exact) and square jupiter/SN/venus conjunction, and BML in 12th conjunct venus (5 degree orb)
oh and uranus/pluto square is exact for the first time on my birthday this year! oy!

for some background- yes i am in a relationship. we are engaged and have a baby. we are going through some intense stuff right now and working through it.

would love to hear other people's reflections :)

thank you!



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