Jupiter/Saturn fusion

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Hello everyone,

I have recently come across a very interesting placement in the natal chart of a friend of a friend, i.e. someone I dont know at all.

He has Jupiter conjunct Saturn, but not just any conjucntion. They are on the same degree and minute. I don't know how to ineterpret their energies when they are competely fused together like this.

I understand that a whole chart is necessary for a personal astrological protrait, but I'm only just ineterested in this particular placement for now.

Any thoughts?


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You said:
He has Jupiter conjunct Saturn...on the same degree and minute.I don't know how to ineterpret their energies when they are competely fused together like this.

It sounds like you answered your own question! ;) "Fusion" sounds like a very good way to describe it: Expansion (Jupiter) is "fused" (VERY conjunct) with Contraction (Saturn). The challenge is to find a way to expansively contract or contractively expand! ;)

Expsively contractive,



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He has Jupiter conjunct Saturn, but not just any conjucntion. They are on the same degree and minute

I would interpret it exactly the same way as an "ordinary" Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. This is the meaning of a conjunction if you think about it: that the energies represented by the two planets are fused. An exact conjunction should have a 0° 0' orb, therefore this very tight conjunction in your friend's friend chart is the rule, all the rest is an exception.

What it is involved here is a very close interplay between expantion and restriction. Sometime these two tendencies are not well integrated, and therefore the native may experience inner conflicts. Look at the conjunction, if it is afflicted, I would say that this dynamic is problematic for the native, but at the same time it can constitute an enormous source of energy. Also look at the planet(s) afflicting it.

I would proceed in the following way:

Do the effects of these planets show on the native's body?
This may sound like some medieval view of astrology, but I have noticed that aspects which exert the strongest psychological influence on a native have their effects on his body too. In a case of Saturn-Sun opposition, the native had slightly hunched shoulders, crooked teeth and was shy and thin.....there you go! an afflicted Saturn at work.
If you can find that this conjunction affects the native's appearance in a significant way, then you can be sure it is felt psychologically and comportamentally too.
If we are talking about Jupiter and Saturn, we should look at the natives':
bones, fingernails, teeth, spine, and legs. Aspects received by the conjunction will indicate specific conditions of these parts of the body.

Now, my most valuable reference books are in my home country.....so my reasoning is guided by the part of symbolism I can recall. Generally speaking the key manifestations of this aspect can involve:

A temporary lack of self restraint. or better: at times the native is very restrained, other times is absolutely extroverted and sociable. This can be visible in many spheres of existance. For instance, you may have somebody who some times eats very little and very simple food, and other times overeats. Somebody who is quiet and silent and then suddenly becomes talkative and so on.

An exceptionally strong willpower. The native may be stubborn and very very determinate to get what he wants. No matter how long time or how many efforts are needed.

Financial acumen and sound investments


The key factors involved in these dynamics are the following.

Jupiter: orality, viewing=to look at and to be looked at (in some cases with such an aspect the native may be fond of his privacy if not secretive), growth and expansion both physical and moral/intellectual, fortune, optimism, money, word, mouth

Saturn: deprivation, restriction, authority, rationality and logic, power etc.

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Perfect Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction

Hi Sorehearted,
My wife has a 1 degree one minute orb Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn and Blumen has several good points in his letter. The Sign in which the conjunction occurs would also be a large percent of the cosmic energy factor, for each constellation "expresses" its energy differently. My wife is certainly a person who has a "exceptionally strong will power" but also has times of "restraint" but other times is very social and optimistic. In Diane Cramer's two books concerning medical astrology she writes that this conjunction often is indicated for premature heart disease brought on by excess, so you might tell your friend's friend about that. As Blumen pointed out Saturn can mean restriction and I will tell you that Jupiter often points to excesses, eating, being one of them in our life. So excessive eating can lead to restricted body parts, ie joints and the cardiovascular system to name two.

Take Care,

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Thanks to everyone for you replies. Everyone was very helpful.

Blumen, I don't think you have a medieval look on astrology. I myself have noticed how the ASC sign affects the looks of the natal. In fact, I was able to rectify many of my friends' charts using their looks (keeping in mind the Sun sign of course because I've noticed that it has an effect as well).