Jupiter Quincunx Neptune


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This is an aspect that shows the tendency to overextend yourself at times to help others in ways that you are not actually obligated to. Imagined responsibilities through empathic relating. You definitely have compassion, but with guilt. Learn to distinguish between what you can offer others that truly helps them. Learn to offer your help when you are actually asked and not feel guilty if you pass someone by who appears downtrodden.

Sometimes we imagine in our empathy that someone is suffering more than is actually the reality. We all suffer in moments as humans. The key is compassion, which does not require that we DO something always to fix or better a situation for someone, but to simply feel with (com-passion) our fellow humans. Instead of the dilemma of whether or not to help, put out to them a silent thought or blessing or prayer in which you honor the divine within them that is willing to take on the challenge of being human.

From looking at your chart, this may be the most important lesson of your life.