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hello friendly astrologers, I have recently begun learning about secondary progressions & applying this to my own chart.. I really am seeing some noticeable *inner world* stuff when looking at Moon progressions, which are approximately one degree per month, as I've learned..

In the last couple of months I've been focusing more on *home* after a long period of reckless behavior.. I just noticed that two months ago Progressed Moon moved into Taurus..

Two & a half years ago, I agreed to a committed relationship when my Progressed Moon moved into Aries.. at that exact moment I needed to be free after totally being spiritually connected with a girl & hopelessly in love (Pisces-progressed Moon up until then).. Wow, so that's why it didn't work..

So let's just say I believe in these progressions..

Now this brings me to a question.. I notice that Jupiter is conjunct my MC (23 Scorpio).. since Jupiter moves so slowly the effects have been building for years.. Now, the MC is associated with the *outer world* & Jupiter *expansion*.. all of this is taking place with these aspects/placements:

Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Venus
Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Moon
All of this in the 10th house (equal house system)
Progressed Jupiter opposition natal Saturn (4th house)

What do I make of this?? From the knowledge I've gathered, I suspect that this could be career-related? Could this be an indication of success? Marriage, children? But with opposition Saturn, Death?

I'm curious because these things have been on my mind.. If anyone has any experience with this progression please let me know..

Also, using solar arcs (one degree per year, I believe), I calculated Pluto to make these same aspects within a year.. I'm quite concerned but trying to be positive about this all..

I'm torn now between leaving Japan & going home to start a new career (risk) & to be closer to my parents or stay in my current job & make a *permanent* home.. I really am becoming stuck between two worlds.. this actually bites.. Totally.. Perhaps it is my destiny..

My chart & degrees table are attached..


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I was wrong about Pluto.. Using solar arcs, it's actually conjunct natal Sun sometime later this year.. Knowing Pluto, this means yet another transformation.. I'm not going to worry about this.. I think I'm relying to much on Astrology, but I want to figure out exactly what's happening in my life these days, especially with the Jupiter transit MC.. I'll just have to wait & think abundance..
So, what happened when prog Jupiter was at 20' and opp natal Saturn? Cos this can create a see saw effect, shall I expand and go, travel, study etc and saturn says, what about duty responsibility to family, it wants you to work hard and learn the Lessons properly so they don't have to be repeated. It always 'tests, what is of value to you'

What happened when prog Jupiter conj Venus, was this a relationship, job, lots socialising?

With progressions they need to be exact date, with transits it's 1' approaching, 1' exact and 1' departing. Progressions are effective similar and obviously the exact few months are the most auspicious.

So the only prog that's happening now is Jupiter conj MC... IF your time of birth is correct? This could suggest, travel, the law, expansion with career, jobs, 'what you are known for' and Scorpio is quite intense and pluto is placed in 8th house of 'other peoples money' and share resources. Great if you work with insurances, goods of the deceased, occult, life after death cycles and whomever you share your finances with, whether it's spouse, employer, state, government etc.

Natal moon conj MC suggests lots of changes in job,residence and restlessness, plus conj Neptune suggests emotional disillusionment connected to mother from childhood

Solar arc Pluto conj Sun is a major event, total rebirth and transfirmations connect to career and 7th house cos Leo rules and one to one relationships..

I don't feel it ethical to discuss death in natal chart and don't believe it can be accurately predicted anyway. When my father died, T Pluto was conj my mother's sun sign and conj my MC, but the transformation didn't stop there, I left a relationship, found a job and some many areas of my life were 'transformed':crying:

Astro does a tri wheel with progressions and solar arcs, don't forget to check what your transits are doing to trigger these. T mars is like the 'ignition key' when waiting for something to happen..
Hope this helps

At the top of this forum are two 'sticky' thread at the top explaining, exploring progressions for everyone to study and learn from
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