Jupiter Pluto Events


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Our hearts go out to New Zealand Quake victims. It is such a shame, a beautiful country of good people.

Recently, Jupiter Pluto are square this week, It brought with it the amazing fall of Libya and Khadafi and Eqypt's leader also - unprecedented events, and the New Zealand quake. (These are 2 examples of different kinds)

Why these places now? STAR GPS LOCATIONS show Mars Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Aquarius would be in the location of the cusp of pisces with Chiron (the wounded healer) at 0 Pisces now at 150 east longitude. [FONT=&quot] 0 ARIES is used also for 180, and Uranus is about to cross this dateline degree. That is near New Zealand at 174 east. [/FONT]There is here also 30 degree south (0 pisces using 0 aries on equator) which is near the cyclone hitting Australia north last month. Jupiter degree is 6 aries and pluto is 6 capricorn. There is something along the 30 degree north going on - this is Libya, Eqypt, and Los Angeles (K Bryant wins nba MVP) – The new moon now in Pisces also coming up. Another view has Pisces at 30 east using GMT as 0 Aries. This is Eqypt and Libya zone.

Each major aspect will have good and bad elements to it. I wonder why down under is getting such unusual events? Australia is a Capricorn country (with a lot of Sagittarius I'd say, mate). Would Eqypt or Libya be Aries? Is Morocco another to come.

The African nations are going on to freedom now. Begs us to ask, What's next? Freedom (Jupiter ruled) is of course a reason. Pluto in Capricorn is anti-government sentiment. Jupiter does not like restriction. But what's it all about? The triple conjunct Aquarius is freedom oriented too with Neptune in aquarius as spiritual freedom. Unique events follow. Cannot ignore Chiron entering Pisces in this group is not to be denied also.

I suspect money (pluto jupiter is about wealth, power). They moved quick to lock the accounts of Eqypt leader. Oil is big in Libya. The people want their share. If it was democracy, it would seem other ways would have occured to take over like in Russia - they did not kill or sting the leaders, just let them go, if I recall correctly. Its always follow the money. Only those who resist with the military will find the backlash.
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