Jupiter-Pluto contacts in synastry/composite


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Hi :smile:

My partner and I both have Pluto in Scorpio. His Pluto is in the 12th house, and mine is in 11th.
His Jupiter (in Aquarius) is in the 3rd house and mine (in Leo) is in the 8th house. Natally, we both have no aspect between Jupiter and Pluto because of their very wide orbis.


In our synastry, his Pluto squares my Jupiter(exact 0°s) and vice versa(2°s). Our Jupiters are not in opposition.
In our composite, our Pluto (Scorpio) in 11th house (conjunct Moon) opposition (1°0a) our Jupiter (Taurus) in 5th house.

Does anyone know anything about this Jupiter/Pluto combination?
I have never had such aspects in synastry so I have no experience with them.

P.S. Any other experience (different aspects) with these two planets in synastry are also welcomed. :smile:
I used the whole house system


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using the composite you habe moon conjunct to pluto ,these opposed to jupiter and square to the sun.
i must say that jupiter pluto hard aspects are usually setrimentsl to any long term relationship or marriage because pluto shows tha underneath the elationship there is a verystrong selfish nature.jupiter/pluto show a powerful ambition for personal advacnement and wealth and power. but tis is a selfish perspective which does not concern itself with the partner. often with a hard jupoiter/pluto aspect the reltionship is a work related relationship or it shows that both people are more concerned about teir idividual success that th esuccees of the reelationship. the relationship only matters in so far as it advances the individuals goals.this can be a strong aspect but it shows that the future will not be for the relationship but only for the self interest of one of the two.sometimes this shows people moving parrallel along roads of advancement but not a single entity.
it shows too much power seeking.simply put thereis rarely a "WE" with this aspect.this is especially so becuae in this chart the moon is square the sun also.