Jupiter, Lilith and Algol conjunction (natally & eclipse)


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Hi; my chart has a Jupiter, Lilith and Algol conjunction (all of them at 26 degrees Taurus); what are the effects of such conjunction meant to be?

This question arise partly as i realized that the coming Taurus Lunar Eclipse in November 2021 would be also conjuncting them.

Im Pisces Sun, Sag Moon & Sag Ascendant; so.theres also an issue related to Jupiter within the chart, i guess.

Any info/insight would be really great; thanks in advance; greetings.

Hi; the question is: what does it means to have Lilith (at 26 degrees Taurus) conjunct Algol natally? Thanks in advance; greetings

Hi; i searched on the web about Algol in 6th house meaning, but did not find anything meaningful; i have Algol in 6th house Taurus (conjunct chart ruler Jupiter); so i wonder about its meaning (something related to a curse or something...for instance; protection against dark issues?) Any info would be great; thanks a lot; greetings

Ps: a Lunar eclipse is coming at the end of the month conjuncting Jupiter, Lilith and Algol (squaring Mars by the way), which made me wonder about these topics

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