Jupiter in Scorpio ? What about my love life ?

The Drunken Master

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Hello everyone...I just ask u,about the "Jupiter in Scorpio" thinks,and what to expect in next 12-24 months... Jupiter conjunct in my Pluto in 7th House ? Whats this ? Nice or bad ? 10x a lot...
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The Jupiter in Scorpio transit itself:

Jupiter will expand. Scorpio is all about digging deep in the subconscious mind, Purging, bringing up to the surface everything one avoids facing in life. There biggest fears. This can be many things depending on the individual. Deep emotions, deep feelings, deep intimacy, deep thoughts, and getting to the core of your being. Inner transformation on some level, breaking down the ego, and the soul being purified on some level, revealing authentic self. Since this also involves deals with shared resources, marriage, death, rebirth, regeneration, reincarnation, it can touch many of these areas in ones life.
Even Sexuality issues being feminine or masculine, and how you fit in this world. Also the urge to merge, and heightened sexual kundalini energy for some. Heightened psychic awareness, senses, sight, sound.

I have Jupiter in Scorpio in my natal chart, so usually what happens when it comes around: May involve moving, new beginnings, getting pregnant, expanding the belly. I graduated from College, Changing Schools, I met Michael W. Smith under this transit in 2005. Can be a transition in one's life to the next part of their life. That's been my personal experience.

I believe you have Jupiter Leo, so that may have been in more effect with Jupiter in Leo 2014 when it transited your fifth house. I would say just watch your money, spending, where entertainment is concerned. And since you have Scorpio Pluto, I would just be sure to create what you desire to create in your life, and be focused on the positive. It can bring many blessings, but also can be losses depending on your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions. It may not do anything for some people.