Jupiter Conjunct Venus and many conjunctions


l met this man and from the moment l looked in his eyes l fell in love. Out of curiosity l looked at our charts in synastry and found that my Jupiter conjoins (is that the right expression?) his Venus. l have read this can be a good aspect between charts, but l am the Jupiter! Does it change things if the woman isn't the Venus. l am several years older than him by the way.

We have quite a few conjunctions in there. Again it seems that conjunctions get a mixed review. l can't see any Mars in there, but really there was that "thing". l am not looking for a free reading, but any comments and wisdom would be very welcome.

Jupiter Conjunction Sun 2.21 175
Jupiter Conjunction Mercury 1.42 148
Jupiter Conjunction Venus 3.00 112
Jupiter Conjunction Mars 0.53 133
Jupiter Trine Jupiter 0.06 79
Neptune Conjunction Saturn 3.25 66
Neptune Conjunction Uranus 4.49 49
897 -217 680