Jupiter and Saturn tattoos~!


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So here are my Jupiter and Saturn tattoos, I've been planning them for some time now and I finally took the plunge and got them. The symbols were slightly reworked to give it a more personal touch, my reasons for getting these tattoos rest mainly on my birth chart and how powerful and influential Jupiter and Saturn's energy is in me, not only through my major Capricorn stellium, including my sun but also the major Sag stellium that involves my moon. I've found that the tug and pull of these two energies is wildly interesting, and has taken me on a journey of self discovery. Plus it is a simple ode to my love and devotion of astrology.


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Very interesting! Very cool! I actually considered this myself. They would have been the only tattoos I would ever get. (Actually, mine would have looked significantly different, using different symbols for the planets, though the intent is the same.)

And here's the cool thing about this: In Yoga, there are tantric techniques to balance the energies of Saturn and Jupiter. With physical configurations of the hands to represent Jupiter on one and Saturn on the other, one enters a meditative state to treat mental malaise (and emotional), focus the mind and circumvent destructive behavior. Here, you have done away with the hand configurations! Pretty cool . . . .

I'm glad I saw this post because it reminded me of a book I forgot I have . . . .


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Oh wow I had no idea!
thats so cool!

Thank you for sharing that little bit of information. I'm completely in love with them.