June Lunar Eclipse on my South Node - GULP

So this is scaring me sh!tless :lol:

I've been dissecting my chart for years, uncovering more aspects of myself as I learn more - which never ends! Just when you think you have a grasp of yourself, along comes a seemingly inconsequential contra-parallel aspect that happens to be a huge part of you *mind blown*

Sorry, I digress..

Basically I'm looking for advice on how to brace the Lunar Eclipse June 5th because it's happening at the exact degree of my south node and there are HUGE 10th/4th themes in my life and given I'm in a different continent to my family amid this covid19 - I'm worried this eclipse will bring me bad news about home and I want to brace myself for it : (

If anyone had thoughts on my chart I'd be super appreciative! :smile:


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If anyone told you now that you would definitely get bad news from home in June, what would you do?

Seriously, there's no way to definitively predict that. An eclipse on a point in your chart highlights things. That means the focus is on those things. In and of itself, that doesn't tell us whether it's good news or bad news or something in between. Realistically, it could even be both, like the farmer who responds to every proclamation of good luck or bad luck with, "Maybe."

What is pertinent is that this is one of your age-related transits, and a kind of benchmark. For an eclipse to happen on your natal node, you have to be having a node return or a node reversal, and there will be a set of eclipses on your natal nodes every time you are at a node return or node reversal age. You are at the age of your second node return right now.

I would expect to see a minor theme in your life related to the sign and house of your north node. That came up for me at both of the two node returns I've been through. The theme in and of itself is most likely to be neutral, not particularly good or particularly bad, but it can lead to something significant, and it's possible you're already seeing it. It's also possible you won't see it until it's in the rearview mirror and you're looking back and discovering it.

Here's the theme from my second node return: my north node is in Scorpio, eleventh house. Around the time of the first eclipse season that year, the one before the exact return--that would've included an eclipse near my south node--I found a reiki teacher through a community group I was in (reiki is quite Scorpionic; community group = eleventh house) and received attunements. I'd been wanting that for years.

When you get reiki attunements, it's very common to go through a minor illness for a few days or weeks as a lot of energy moves through you (commonly called a healing crisis in that field). I had one that wouldn't quit. It went on for months. So, by the time my node return was coming close to exact, I was getting regular acupuncture in an effort to get healthy again. I did get some health back... but then I found myself in a major emotional crisis, as multiple long standing issues became extra overwhelming. And just then, I met a hypnotherapist through another community group. My first appointment with him was on the day my node return reached exact.

Scorpio is the sign of the hypnotist. That's where I see the theme most literally.

The whole experience was quite intense, but it made very positive changes in my life. And here's what I hope you see: it didn't all happen for reasons outside my control. I made some choices there. So can you.


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And to add: it may take longer than that to really see the theme, because while the moon and sun will be on your nodes at this eclipse, your exact node return isn't coming til around next February. You might have some running Sagittarian theme for the year, that will probably show up most clearly in hindsight.


Oh, I have almost the same eclipse..mine is on my South Node too and conjunct my ascendant, so 1st/7th House Axis. I was wondering too, what that might bring. As far as I could understand it will be square Mars and opposite Venus retrograde which could bring some strong experiences, but anyway there will be other 2 eclipses plus lot of retrograde planets, so it might mean that we will see the results of it from July on.

All the best xx