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For some reason, I was looking at Julian Assange's chart yesterday and thought would start a thread here on it. I will be abbreviating the name as JA on this thread. For those that might not be completely familiar with him, here is his Wiki biography

His TOB has Rodden Rating B, so I will use it, even though the 3 pm time seems rounded off, but the Asc is safely 2* into Sag. and given his 'international' escapades, it might be worthwhile using Sag as his Asc.

What jumped at me immediately were both his lights being in houses that are usually considered unfortunate: Moon in the 12th and Sun in the 8th in JA's case. Moon is further debilitated in Sco, where it is uncomfortable. The Sun is in a square to Uranus and indeed JA is no ordinary person, but perhaps the square shows that he is known more for the disrepute and notoriety attached to his hame. He did sort of pioneer using his computer prog. skills to expose the 'governments', espionage, etc.

Interestingly, his 12th house, Sco Moon is conjunct the fixed star of Khambalia, which symbolises deep research, espionage, etc. His 8th house Cancer Sun is conjunct the fixed star Alzirr known for trouble and disgrace. The Sun rules his 10th house of not just career, but also social standing and in the 8th house, conj. Alzirr, his mis-fame came through his career.

Asc. Lord in the 12 house is also not fortunate and shows trouble starting in childhood, and indeed that was the case.

Saturn rules his family and home, and is in Gem. (sign of mobility) as well as Mars on the IC shows instability and stress of some sort with the living situation. JA moved about a lot due to his mother's many break-ups and had a nomadic childhood. Even as an adult, he has hardly had normal living circumstances and has had a very unsettled life to say the least. Note also how Mars in the 4th house is conj. Jup in the 12th and trine Ven (ruler of 12th) and he keeps getting asylum from foreign govt.s, but also is hunted by foreign govt.s for indictments/ to lock him up.

His Merc. is trine Jup, which shows his enhanced mental abilities and with Sco Jup perhaps also his investigative bent of mind. His Merc. is almost a fence sitter between the 8th and 9th houses. Merc. is conj. the fixed star of Procyon, which spells sudden success and then disaster - so literally true in JA's case.

So let me stop here and do provide your thoughts as to how you read his chart.

Direct link to Assange's chart:https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?wgid=wgeJwtTksKwjAQPY27ETJp7ccwi64EcWfF9ZSGNthEcVJLb2-Krh68_-IejrQZPDGa0FMjwmGwcJ4nxwE8ZFAC1iUCHo5KwYjKwsACCtrnEuTjpslCc7u2F8C8sHmV3IIFzKDrSsMeUaWYMtx3gb2lX_FOq__SJvQcLWWJS-KaYNszXVxf6ZmPI3FczCgr7dG8hfB--gKhHDdU
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Very interesting, thanks. His life has been rather unique, so his chart must reflect this.
I don't see a link here for his chart, can you post it?
I'm curious about this sentence, "Note also how Mars in the 4th house is conj. Jup in the 12th", is it really what you meant to write?


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Very interesting, thanks. His life has been rather unique, so his chart must reflect this.
I don't see a link here for his chart, can you post it?
I'm curious about this sentence, "Note also how Mars in the 4th house is conj. Jup in the 12th", is it really what you meant to write?

The chart is embedded in the first sentence of the post - where you see his name.
It is also in the last sentence of the post: Direct link...


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Just a few notes t add to what you've already outlined very well.
The 8th house is the house of spies, with sun there and ruling the midheaven his work was set out for him. The ruler of the 8th, mercury, is in the 9th of foreign countries, so spying on an international level.
Mercury trine Jupiter is generally a sign of honesty, in this case trine Neptune allows him to weave a cloth of mystery.
Of course moon in secretive scorpio in the 12th house is a classic position.
Being a man, this also represents the women in his life, including his mother and from the wikipedia article she fits to a T.
That mars on the 4th cusp that reflects his childhood and home life, also squares the Jupiter/neptune conjunction. North node there means south node is on his midheaven, and I wonder how much all that early fracas in his life influenced his career choice.
Uranus is co-ruler of the 4th of his Homelife and it squares the sun, in 8th not only of spying but also of sexual activity.
In the wikipedia link the date given for when Sweden issued an international arrest warrant via Interpol for his arrest for sexual molestation, Nov.20 2010, is when the sun exactly conjuncts his Jupiter, which normally could signal a moment for something favourable in one's life especially with Jupiter ruling the ascendent. Jupiter also rules his 5th of love matters.
Interesting also to note that although he is Australian, his birth date is almost exactly that of the USA Independence Day, probably the most significant date for the USA.
I was curious as to why specifically Ecuador was chosen as his asylum, so I've done a synastry chart of the country's founding with that of Assange.
Fascinating that Ecuador's mars/uranus conjunction falls just about exactly on his 12th house moon, which also squares the country's moon. In fact, it cost them a small fortune to maintain him in their Embassy. Posting the chart for you to see.
Saturn/neptune also fall on his ascendent, Chiron on his NN, sun opposing his mars.
No wonder it ended badly!


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Jup-Merc., IMO, shows a very keen mind that thinks big/ on a grand scale - outside the box, perhaps even outside the (political) boundaries, for instance, such people are often adept at learning foreign languages or studying international law, etc. JA's also took on the international bit, but with Jup in the 12th- more about uncovering what is hidden from others. The uncovering bit played out on an international level with both Jup involved, but also Merc. in the 9th. Digging deep even into the dark and shady bits could come from Pluto. That this caused him trouble with the law also on an international level - is the second manifestation of the aforementioned placements, as well as Sun in the 8th and Asc. ruler in the 12th.

On the personal front, also interesting to note how his wives were 1) foreign and 2) linked in some way to legal matters. Merc. in the 9th as well as the aspect to Jup. Merc-Pluto shows they have always also been involved in the investigative part and had the limelight on them through that.

His children are shown through Jup-Merc. = many and or above avg. educated/ bright. Again, the involvement of both those planets also shows they live in countries different than him mostly. Jup in 12th and its opp. to Sat. shows his separation from them as well as stress and disharmony through that (Mars sq. Jup)


Asange has a number of angular planets that sit quite close to chart angles, and they cooperate as a configuration would. Mars/Saturn/Jupiter-Neptune. This conglomerate is the chart ruler, and it is considerably more articulate and specific that a single ruling planet would be. This ruling conglomerate says, "adventures in espionage", and it is quite Machiavellian. Many people will deem him treacherous. Mars at an angle suggests he's an activist. Saturn at an angle suggests he was disadvantaged in life. Neptune on the Ascendant makes me wonder if he is a sociopath or a traitor given the sum total of stresses in the chart. Mars square the Neptune suggests substance abuse or perhaps feelings of inferiority that are covered up with a preening self-confidence that fails to convince (angular Saturn). I think his sanity is delicate. Mars-conjunct-Node shows that he wants to be loved and admired.

There is no lack of interaction with the angles. Sun-Uranus square lies across the As/Mc midpoint. He is either a genius or an absurd person--perhaps both.

Computer programmers often have significant Mercury/Uranus or Mercury/Pluto aspects. The Mercury/Jupiter trine that was mentioned is actually a Minor Grand Trine, Mercury/Pluto/Jupiter. This suggests a good programmer. It also looks literary, so I assume he will author books. Saturn squares the Mercury/Uranus midpoint suggesting a highly technical mind and a heavy programming load.

Mars is quintile Pluto to suggest he is powerful, extremely determined, and possibly ruthless and dangerous. Sun and Uranus both square the Mars/Pluto midpoint, so he is a very dangerous person who is a product of his id. He is supremely arrogant. Sun quintile Node suggests a superior attitude. He may be a leader among a group of associates.


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With Saturn moving back and forth in the last decan of Cap and triggering his natal Merc.-Jup. in an aspect, interesting to note that JA has been getting publicity due to his ill health. Also, crowds globally have been protesting to have him released (Merc rules his 11th and sits in his 9th, whilst Jup rules his 1st and sits in his 12th)


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President Trump MAY 'pardon' Assange although he is an innocent man & commited no crime. His only crime was exposing the lies & the corruption in the deep state.
He is in a British prison awaiting trial to determine if he can be extradited to the U.S. where he awaits being charged with phony charges of espionage & other nonsense.

Trump loves WikiLeaks & never had a problem with Assange but the deep state & the corrupt politicians want Assange killed. I PRAY & HOPE President Trump 'frees' him & he's allowed to be with his family. What a horror he has endured, false accusations & constant smear campaign against him by the lamestream media. Trump's been through the same lying, corrupt media so I'm sure he has a lot of sympathy for Assange. With the upcoming Sa-Ju conjunction making positive sextile aspect to his AC & Uranus trine to his MC maybe now the tide will turn in his favour? If not, he will likely die in prison for a crime he never committed.



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Two women have made accusations against him, of rape. What in his chart shows a stressed love/sexual aspect?
I'm curious!

She said she tried to put her clothes back on but he took them off again. She told police she then allowed Assange to undress her, because “it was too late to stop Assange as she had gone along with it so far.”

On 18 November 2010, Marianne Ny ordered the detention of Julian Assange on suspicion of rape, three cases of sexual molestation and unlawful coercion.

Is it his stressed 7th house? :surprised: Stressed Mars in a violent human sign? Could explain multiple strings of crimes committed throughout various nations
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One woman in Sweden made a complaint against him due to a broken condom & wanted him to have an aids test before he left the country.
He had consensual sex with two women there. All sexual impropriety charges have been dropped. Neptune on AC & his image can be projection on whoever is judging him..Neptune placement can cause hysteria & distortion on who he really is. Jupiter in Scorpio & his work is secretive (H 12) & for the betterment of humanity. A Guardian Angel watching over him but he may die in the Neptune sacrifice of his Jupiter truth-telling.

He is being held in a British prison on charges brought forth by the U.S. regarding the emails he printed on WLeaks about the DNC. He also called Hillary Clinton a psychopath when he found an email from her calling on him to be killed with a drone. Pluto/Saturn transits to his
natal Sun have brought him to the brink of death.

The REAL reason the war-mongers & deep state in the U.S. U.K. want him dead is because he exposes their corruption & lies...like the war in Iraq based on lies.
Mercury sextile Pluto & he digs deep into the corruption.

On 11 April 2019, the day of Assange's arrest in London, the indictment against him was unsealed. He was charged with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion (i.e. hacking into a government computer), a relatively minor crime that carries a maximum 5-year sentence if found guilty.

The U.S. then added additional charges which would give him 175 yrs if found guilty. They don't actually want a trial but they want him to die in prison in the U.K. so he'll never be able to talk or defend himself.

The Justice Department has filed 17 new criminal charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The charges follow a much more limited indictment unsealed in April, when Assange was charged with violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. According to the indictment, he’s now facing several counts of obtaining and disclosing national defense information without authorization, relating to what the Justice Department calls “one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States.”


Amnesty Intl, Freedom for Journalists, many other groups have been demanding his immediate release.

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen is fighting to free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and is working with nonprofit, Assange Defense.

“Assange is a very principled person who risked his personal well-being to let everyone know what our country is doing in our name and with our money,” Cohen tells Page Six. “I think that we have a right to know that. He published something that the government didn’t want people to know. And now the government wants to kill the messenger and they are literally doing that.”


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is firmly opposed to the possible extradition of Julian Assange to the United States, where he could be sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for charges that include publishing and providing journalists with information that served the public interest.


In his chart, Pluto, the planet of power has been in opposition to his Sun when arrested. It's moved on but making hard aspect to his Mercury. It's moving slowly on but Saturn also prevented his freedom. His chart.


Two women have made accusations against him, of rape. What in his chart shows a stressed love/sexual aspect?
I'm curious!
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Mars also rules enemies & war. Not a surprise that he was brave enough to take on the U.S. Pentagon to expose their lies & phony wars.
His Mars/Nodal conjunct IC trine Venus an easy, flowing energy, he always had groupies. Nothing in his chart indicates any sexual problems.
He does have Saturn (which rules government) conjunct DC - open enemies.

Can also indicate marriage later in life.

Sun sq Uranus - a rebel an outsider

The Swedish prosecutor’s office said it has dropped the rape investigation against the WikiLeaks founder.

Is it his stressed 7th house? :surprised: Stressed Mars in a violent human sign? Could explain multiple strings of crimes committed throughout various nations
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Wiki leaks founder Julie An Assange is behind bars and a maximum security prison

in one of the harshest prisons in all of the United Kingdom - Belmarsh prison
what are his crimes? :)
Publishing classified information that revealed the war, crimes

and cover-up of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.
There was an unbelievable exchange last night between his wife, Stella Assange
and war criminal John Bolton from the United States.
It's rare that you get to see television like this.

We watch Assange defend her husband like a full on Mama Bear and it's a thing to see.

.respect to Stella Assange for maintaining her composure
in front this absolutely disgusting war criminal!
revolted by Bolton’s dismissive attitude towards her!
Assange is a hero and the only reason he's still not free
is because he's a real threat to the powers - that-shouldn't-be

Bolton was right about the danger Assange revelations created for CERTAIN people .