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I'm not sure Ms Dench would appreciate being classed as a celebrity, but I don't know where else to put this.

I am currently reading her autobiography, entitled And Furthermore. I also consider her to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She - along with Lauren Bacall and Vanessa Redgrave - has what I call Enduring Beauty, which is the kind which gets better with age.

I have found no birth time for her, but have done my own (very basic, I must say) rectification of her birth time based on what I see and what I perceive. I give her a birth time of 3.04 pm, which gives her Gemini Rising, with Chiron very close to her ASC. I am convinced she has Gemini R for a couple of reasons:

  • her Puckish appearance - check out her photos, especially the latest one, where her wrinkles show. Her ears almost point through her hair, just like Puck
  • her devilish sense of humour, which is legendary
  • her ability to multi-task with her roles
  • she gets younger-looking as she ages, and has a very timeless outlook on life.
The only real doubt I have for the time I have chosen is that this gives her Moon-Pluto opposition, which she may well channel into her acting, rather than her personal life, the latter of which seems to have been very happy.

I have drawn her chart in equal house, as she was born in the north of England. The 2nd chart with transits is for the day of the death of her husband, Michael Williams. They had a very happy marriage, and she was devastated by his death.

Any comments and/or input would be appreciated.


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