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I've been contemplating this person's chart for a few days. Wikipedia link here in case you're not familiar with his work:

I'll attach a natal chart - no birth time available. He was one of 12 children, born in East Timor in 1949, so I guess no-one was paying attention to the time!!

I'm interested in what others may see in the chart, given 2 major factors in his life:

  1. He spent 24 years - from 1975 - 1999 - in exile from his homeland, because Indonesia invaded East Timor in 1975, and occupied the country until 1999, and he was perhaps the No. 1 target of the then Indonesian administration under Suharto. He began life as a journalist, and was earlier exiled - from 1970-1971 - to Mozambique for writing in support of independence for East Timor. Exile is a powerful theme in his life, given his Portuguese father was exiled to East Timor, and apparently his grandfather also spent time in exile.
  2. Now President of East Timor, he survived an assassination attempt, made on 11th Feb 2008. He was air-lifted to Darwin, where he was operated on, and eventually recovered.
The chart I have attached has transits for the above date. The most obvious thing I see is the temporary Yod formed between his Neptune & Pluto, and transiting Uranus.

I am also curious to hear what others may surmise to be his ascendant, given he has lived most of his adult life - from the age of 26 - 50 - in exile, away from friends, family, or any kind of personal life. That spells Capricorn Asc to me, although I am open to Taurus (unlikely, given his personal independence) and Scorpio. His eyes are intense, they sparkle and burn, and they are very, very articulate whenever he speaks. In demeanor, he seems quiet and very intense, although he can have angry outbursts - that's the Sun-Uranus-Mars set-up.

Any insight would be appreciated.
I am eternally fascinated by those who are able to sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves.


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