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We do not have his birth time, but it is interesting to analyze the configurations that occur in his chart.

Seems like a highly productive and very efficient person: two T-squares, one in fixed signs and the other is in mutables.

The mutable T-square with Mercury in Gemini at the apex reveals his fluency and fluidity with words, his mental prowess, his highly developed communicative faculties.

The fixed T-square with Saturn at the apex (<1° Orb) shows a somewhat obstinate, rigid nature. There is a slight element of cruelty and brutality to his temperament (Mars 90° Saturn), along with a tendency to fight for ones beliefs and ideals (Mars 180° Neptune).

The preponderance of squares are indicative of a fighter nature, ambitious and accustomed to overcoming obstacles. They are also indicative of a myriad of obstacles he had to (and will continue to) go through. Internal tension, agitation and conflict.

Soft aspects occur ~7 times in his chart, which is a great counter-balance for the predominance of squares.

The planets forming up the fixed T-square are problematic (3 malefics). He managed to bring the most positive out of them though through discipline where most people would just lost control and planetary energies dominate their lives…


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I am of the belief that his ascendant is Capricorn.
He talks about taking responsibility for one's own life.
I consider he is too serious to have Leo R. He is serious when speaking, and considers his answers. He is never the `performer'.
He has followed his belief that the state does not have the right to legislate the use of required pronouns. i.e. JBP is not afraid of upsetting `authority'. In fact, I believe he considers it necessary.
Despite having Gemini Sun and Mercury, his persona is generally serious, and he takes others very seriously.
His appearance is quite Capricornian (is that even a word?) Saturnian.
And if he was born at around 10.40 pm, he had his Asc somewhere mid Capricorn.

Another reason I chose this birth sign and time is that when tracing back to September 2016, when he first spoke out about not being prepared to use the required pronouns, tr Pluto had just moved into orb of a Cap Asc at (around) 17 degrees. When Pluto begins to conjunct the Asc, the native is pushed to becoming more their Ascendant sign than before. So, since Sept `16 he has stood up, been highly responsible publicly, and has even become a `surrogate father' for many men - young and old - throughout the world. That's a highly responsible Capricorn expression as I read it. And Cap Asc is not easy - ever - and even though he is now a public figure, he is still having to answer to the `authorities', many of whom would prefer it were he to just go away.

The above chart doesn't include Chiron, and his Chiron-Jupiter conjunt in Pisces is interesting. It is a highly compassionate placement, but also worth noting is that Chiron-Jupiter conj is found in many people who have had to go beyond where others are prepared to go - to fully step up to the plate, if you like. It is found in the charts of people from whom more is required. Not everyone can do this, but JBP certainly has.

So, were you to put together a Cap Ascendant with Jupiter-Chiron conj in Pisces, what you (may) get is "life is suffering", which is one of the truths JBP regularly addresses. :sad:

They are just some of my thoughts/conclusions, FWIW. :cool:
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The man has Sun-Merc conjunct in Gemini, and (most likely) a Libra Moon, so I suspect that is where the Gemini vibe comes from. He certainly has a devillish sense of humour when he allows it loose.

I still can't go past Cap rising. Could be Taurus Rising, because I'm almost certain he has an earth Ascendant - to balance all that air. He has a strong marriage, but he has worked hard at that. He's not a quitter. Cap Rising again - we're not quitters, and we have the ability to endure very protracted hard times, as well as serious opposition.

My proposed chart for JBP is below.


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Thanks for the posts R4VEN - I decided to look up his chart (having watched some of his vids) and you happened to provide the explanation today.


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AA data for Peterson:
June 12, 1962 @ 2:49 AM MST in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Thank you for that, savanna. That certainly also makes sense. In my post above I suggested Taurus as an alternate ASC. He's certainly persistent and bloody minded, as well as advocating a practical approach to problem-solving.

The 2 x T-squares are interesting also, with his 1st house Mercury in Gemini forming the apex of one, and the 10th house Saturn - rendering him quite significantly `Saturnian' - at the apex of the other.

It appears that more is expected of him, but also he is capable of delivering what is required, plus a few curve balls, just to put detractors off their game.
The Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in the 11th (using Equal house) is significant, given his ability to take the reins whenever leadership is required.

Using this chart, and getting back to the time when he began to speak out publicly - around September 2016 - his Jupiter-Chiron conj was forming a temporary t-square, when tr Saturn moved in to oppose his natal Mercury, at the same time it was squaring his Jupiter-Chiron. Added to that (and maybe more significantly) tr Saturn formed a temporary YOD with his Mercury-Neptune inconjunct. I would say that he used that considerable challenge rather well - although it would have been a lonely time for him, also.
For much of the 2 years following his rise to prominence, he had tr Neptune within orb of his Jupiter-Chiron conj - not easy, but it would have aroused his innate compassion, and his desire to serve. And note that not only is his natal Neptune is in his 6th house of service, but it also forms a trine with Chiron-Jupiter. :innocent:

And given his MC is 22 deg 15' of Capricorn, currently tr Pluto and Saturn are straddling that MC. I'd say he is considering a change in direction - either stepping away from public life, or stepping closer to the spotlight.

EDIT: Given my earlier suggestion that he has a Cap ASC, I think it significant that his natal Saturn in the 10th - conjunct his South Node by less than a degree - would heighten his appearance of being Saturnian in nature. One of his more attractive qualities, and something which draws people to paying attention to what he has to say, is bound up in his Saturn-MSN in Aquarius in the 10th house. While he communicates to the collective - such as pointing out the danger of Marxism, where the collective always has preference over the needs of the individuals - his words speak to the individuals within that collective. Many people today, especially young people, feel unseen, devalued, and directionless. Peterson is tapping in to this malaise within society, and interpreting it, using the history of the past 120 years or so to back up his ideas and suggestions.
It's all there, and I have only mentioned a few things which jumped out at me.

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