John Frawley horary lectures


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Hi all,

I've been listening to John Frawley's horary lectures, and they are excellent (and reasonably priced). I thought I'd share a link to the subscription page if you're interested.

So far 12 have been released (about an hour each) in which he discusses all kinds of charts (which are also included as GIF files). Will he text? Will the ruble lose value? Will I get the job? etc.

Great stuff if you're into horary!!audio/c1jdb

Kaiousei no Senshi

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Frawley is something of a controversial figure in horary specifically and in astrology in general. Every now and again he misunderstands a technique, but more frequently he pushes his own religious views into astrology without letting the reader know and passing it off as fact. Keep that in mind if anyone chooses to go further into their studies with him.