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Hi guys, I'm gonna keep it short and to the point. Got a job offer. I'm on the fence about taking it. It definitely was a burning question. Here is my analysis. I'm the sun in Taurus, right on the midheaven, which puts the sun in its fall. She is the sign of venus which is sitting in the 8th in the sign of mars. Mars a malefic sitting in the 10th, not so happy bout that, but that would show mutual reception since venus has rulership in Taurus, right? There is a trine to mars from venus. The moon is in Leo, again in its fall sitting in the 12th house of not so happy, meaning I would be hiding my anguish if, in fact, I took this job. The 6th house which is a work related house is in Saturn which is in the 5th, meaning no fun, opposing venus in the 8th meaning a delay to making money or its gonna be drudgery. Help is needed here !! thanks guys for taking a look at this:kissing:


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