Job Offer in the Library?


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Hi There!

I have been trying to go back to work, and it seems that every time I land a job, another better job offer comes up. I finally landed a interview working for the Library, something I have wanted for the last 5 years. Should I go ahead an accept this job offer? The hours are very good, and it is something I had always wanted to pursue. The thing is, I have already taken a job teaching at a preschool, but in my heart I'm not exactly sure it is something I want to do. I worked in preschools before, and part of me wants to do something else. Does my chart indicate success working as a Librarian? I love libraries, I love books! I am even currently trying to get a storybook that I wrote, published. My family, friends, and husband are all very supportive of the idea of me working in a Library. I just wonder if this job could lead to a career, or will it just be a job that brings in a little extra cash?

Enclosed is my Progressed Chart & Natal Chart.

Thanks so much!


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You say you landed an 'interview' for the library job. But you don't have a job offer there yet, correct?

Just trying to clarify the situation...


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Yes. This would be my 3rd interview. I have already sat and interviewed twice once with an HR person, the second was with a group -- a couple board members, HR, and a couple Librarians.