Job Dilemma - help!


I currently work at a place where my immediate manager is causing me problems. I like the company and the benefits and the pay is manageable though not great. I was supposed to get apromotion which was not given to me due to manager's grudge. Can someone suggest if it is a wise idea to leave this job and find another one instead or should I stay here.

Dob mar 5th 1978
time of birth 7.52pm

Please advice...


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Please post your chart! There is a sticky on this forum that explains how to do this. You can create your chart at free charts page. You need to input your place of birth, as well as your date and time.

If all you want is a "yes or no" answer, try the horary board. Horary goes by the moment of your question, rather than your birth data.


Thank you sir. I will look up the sticky and post my chart. I need more than a yes no answer...based on my horoscope...need help to decide on my future


attached my chart. please advice on my career prospects. Thanks in advance


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