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i have 2 questions, since i wasnt sure if both can be answered through 1 chart , i made 2 charts for each.

1. i have been offered a job from cts in Dubai - i am not fully sure if i want to take it up, the pay is fine, but boss i am not sure will be good.
2. Important thing- i have signed a contract with existing firm to not join competiting business , so if i take up the offer,do you foresee my current company suing me for it.
3. do u suggest i wait for a better job offer? have been trying for sometime but not getting many interview calls, even though i am really good at what i do.

Kindly help


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Your charts look exactly the same. I will just read you first chart. Moon is void, Mars/Saturn had a trine aspect suggesting you got the job.

Saturn in 12th but exalts Mars. Mars combust. So there might be some problems or things about the job that are not yet know to you. Saturn is rx, shows you having a change of mind. Its really up to you if you should take the offer or not.

If you do not take the offer and decline, how can they sue you? I mean if you don't work for them then they can't sue you... you need to feed yourself, of course you should be able to work for other companies.

If you are able to wait for a better job and have the funds to live on then look for a better job, but if you are not getting interviews...then maybe stick with this one. Maybe you can climb up the ladder and get a better job at the same company.


thank u rafaella for your kind response.

The thing about continuing with the same job is i feel they dont value me well, i have been the sales person of the year twice now, they awarded me a momentum but no monetary benefits and they are not giving me a raise also nor more responsibilities. hence i am not enjoying the work anymore.

Do u see me changing jobs in the near future in the chart?

Thanks in advance