Japan Earthquake- Uranus 0 degrees Aries


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remember there are 2 differences betwen Chernobyl and Fukashima

Chernobyl was in the middle of an experiment (replacement less knowledgeable crew was in charge of an experiement) where as Fukashima was a casualty of natural disaster.


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Also Chernobly had a huge explosion which shot radioactive material high into the air and which spread over Europe, while there has been no equivalent (not even near equivalent) explosion in Japan-thankfully!
But the situation is still a maximum 7 danger (according to the Japanese scientists and their government) which is up there with Chernobyl.

However my only interest is in any possible astrological similarities.

I have already found one: in the Chernobyl chart I found the South Ascellus within 1 degree long. conjunction with the Vertex of that chart (in Leo); this is the same "fire star" in Parallel with the ascending degree (in Leo) of the Sendai chart; so the South Ascellus is connected with major chart elements (ascending degree in Sendai, Vertex in Chernobyl, both points in Leo) in both of these "7 Level " nuclear disasters.

Coincidence or perhaps meaningful? Will post more on the (apparent/ coincidental?) connections between these 2 nuclear accident charts soon...
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Hi, Have you heard about "idus" of mars, related to cesar's time in ancient rome?,

Every year when the sun walks the last 10 degrees of pisces brings this idu influence

some astrologers say the last decan of pisces is ruled by mars
Pisces is related to 12th house, occult enemies

so we could say terrible and hostil occult enemies,

keep this words to japan tragedy

Urano in first degree of aries touches japan because I understand japan is aries

that's what I think


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The latest issue of mountain astrologer confirms my suspicions.

"On March 11, 2011, the planet Uranus moved from the sign of Pisces and crossed the "world point" into the first degree of Aries. Just 19 hour before Uranus change signs, Japan experienced a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami, which killed close to 20,000 in Japan... Uranus, the Awakener- the planet of shocks and changes, the planet of electric power and high technology- made an unmistakeable impression that day."

There are several articles which includes charts of the event and the nuclear plant.


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I am late for this thread, but at the time Uranus was bashing me too. Shortly before with Uranus at Pisces 29 conjunct the destructive fixed star Scheat, my computer operating system would not boot up. The recovery disk did not work either. I unpacked my older computer that I kept as a spare and updated my software and files on it. But when I restarted the next day the blue screen of death appeared with the message "Hard Drive Failure". That was the end of that computer. Scheat is my nemisis as my natal Sun is conjunct that star. It is a very malefic star and causes imprisonment, murder, suicide, shipwreak, drowning, accidents and extreme misfortune. Uranus passed over Scheat a number of time in 2010 and early 2011 and made my life very miserable each time.

But to the Japan earthquake. Some of this was probably already covered in the thread. I set the mundane event chart for Tokyo capital of Japan. Aries is the sign of Japan. I first looked to see where Saturn, Mercury and Neptune were located. These planets are usually active when earthquakes occur. An unfavorable aspect between Saturn and Mercury can indicate an earthquake. Retrograde Saturn and Mercury in Aries were in opposition with mutual application. The planets involved were all active and Uranus was still conjunct Scheat. The MC was conjunct the fixed star Hamal --violent and of the nature of Mars and Saturn. Mercury is conjunct the star Deneb Kaitos an unfortunate star of the nature of Saturn. This was just not a good moment for Japan.
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"Natural quake aided by technology" This guy is using remote viewing, he's an ex CIA member.

Totally ******* cause I live in Southern Cali and I really want to go :(

I read elsewhere this will hit LA and move up. What a weird coincidence since I was researching this. I also had a dream of a 8.0 earthquake then a tsunami hitting us. My friend dreamt of a tsunami hitting her last night, she could have picked up what I am going to feel. I really need to get out of here. I don't even like the people here.