It's my birthday


...And I feel a bit lost in my life. Would anyone provide some insight by reading my chart?

Thank you.


Happy Birthday!

We are all lost right now, so you are not alone in seeking.

I can't tell from your chart what year you were born...
but...I'm thinking with the saturn neptune uranus in cap and pluto in later scorpio - you were born btwn 89 and 92 or so? By recollection..

Read more about the quadrants and study your chart's 2nd quadrant.

Also - Venus rules the IC and is gatekeeper to that section of your chart. She is with Sun in your 5th house which is very fruitful placement. Opposing Mars from 11th, though. Conflict of interests.

Your moon in 7th is a mediator btwn them. Lucky for you.

When, and as, all the ransiting Capricorn planets leave your 6th house and enter your 3rd quadrant by transit, they will aspect the moon and mars and sun and venus in sequence.

If you are a 'super busy' 'lots of different things going on' person - try to make a short list of the things that make you feel most 'un-lost' and vibrant. When your Desc gets activated by all the oncoming slew of planets, you'll have more helpers.

Mars retrograde has a hard time letting go of hurts. Always there to agitate you about something someone once said or did that you never got over. Usually. In your house of group think, ideologies - maybe you have to narrow down your associates so as to lessen your mars retro contempts?

Four Quadrants

  • Planets in the first quadrant act as standalones, initiating actions from a sense of solo identity.
  • Planets in the second quadrant are focused on manifesting, and being creatively productive.
  • Planets in the third quadrant shine when engaged with others, whether through relationships, inspiring, teaching or deep intimacy.
  • Planets in the fourth quadrant are geared toward the all of us in society, and often leads or take part in collective efforts.