is this relation possible, pl. help


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hello all gurus,

pl. let me know whether am i going to get married with a person who is police officer?

my details
dob 25/05/75
time 5.00 pm, mumbai

actually he was interested in me some 12 yrs back but we were not in talking terms
he has very good family, house
i too got involved in my career problems and family
suddenly this year he has appeared to me indirectly n came 2 know that he is also unmarried
i will highly grateful for ur reply



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if you are still unmarried and if birth time is precise, then you will have 2 relations in future.
if this policeman is 1st then it will break and you'll find new relation sometime later


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hello virinchi Sir,

good day to u
thanx very much 4 ur reply
i really got fed up now looking for proposals as the things r not working out
i asked this question bcos 4 my marr. mars is the karak and sun also aspects 5th from its place i.e. leo rashi
niether i want any further relations

hence pl. help me when i will find my right person in my life n from which profession he will be?

i will be highly grateful if u could give the analysis n description about him

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