Is this chick stealing


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So my room mate is finally moving out (THANK GOD!!!). She was a nightmare to live with always having a new issue with me out of no where, and I wanted to know the following:

Question: Will Ella steal from me?

Research: The hour and day ruler match: moon

Moon Rules 2nd house and also is in charge of all moveable items

I am Mars with Uranus conjunct ascendant.

Moon and Mars do not aspect.

However Moon is conjunct Sun and aspects quite a bit...including saturn in 7th house conjunct NN...

Both Moon and Sun are in Leo...the direction of North East...her room is north east of where I sit...

She has had a habit of coming in my room and snooping around... even going through my obsessed...

She's even done credit checks on her ex-husband of two years.

Please help me with an answer.


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Saturn is in the 7th house of the question. That used to mean that we might have calculated the chart wrong. Now it means that we need to look at the unusual things or that there are critical pieces of information regarding your question that you have told us.

We don't know what they might be. For example, you might be considering stuff in your apartment that she would steal as belonging in the apartment, except that she bought them with her money, and when she leaves, she will take them or come back for them.

This would kind of ***** up the horary. Its why we have to go back and look at the question more clearly and other stuff when we see Saturn in the 7th. BTW, in my experience, Saturn is not often in the 7th house when questions are asked, except for this circumstance.

So perhaps you could be a little clearer about what you means by "stealing".