Is this a Virgo Rising thing?


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Virgo's planetary ruler, Mercury, rules the childhood/youth stage of life. (The moon rules infants.) I think the youthful quality pertains to Virgo as well as Gemini suns and ascendants. My ex husband was a sun-Gemini and a co-worker once referred to him as a "kid with a beard."

Then look to see how Mercury is aspected or dignified in a chart.

Possibly it's not the outward physical appearance so much as a boyish or girlish demeanor.


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Ah, maybe this is the one bright side of having this rising, which I'm happy about :)! Because normally, most articles that I've read about Virgo rising, while pointing out that they are intelligent and resourceful, always say that they are stress-prone, anxious and self critical. So, maybe this youthful appearance thing is the silver lining lol, if it turns out to be true for me.

I'm hoping for me, too! :happy: I'm a Virgo Sun, Virgo rising, self-critical to the point of body-dysmorphic disorder! Self-conscious was an understatement throughout high school. Overbite, high-bridged nose, eyes too close together...Mom's Swedish cheekbones, though, full lips.

Imagine my shock to find out I have Aphrodite conjunct the ASC.


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The ASC is MORE than just what you look like (objectively) It's also subjective. As the old saying goes....''one man's meat is another man's poison'' not such a great example - but you get what I mean.

Haven't you ever thought...."He's cute but not my type." or He's attractive but has a bad attitude...or ''doesn't smile enough'' or ''could use some dental work'' or ''could use a bit of a makeover.'' Or ''he's not really good looking but has a ''quality''!

There are few initial appearances which could not do with a bit of improvement....whether actual (like dental work or hairdo) or attitude and carriage....or the way one ''enters'' the room or the conversation or whatever.

OR the way one dresses!! If you don't like your initial impression then you need a bit of a makeover....and some attitude adjustment...possibly.



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I think this is entirely a matter of personal preference. I find Virgo features very, very pretty, but not really my type. Others will obviously feel differently.
It also depends how it blends with your other features. I have for instance, seen Virgo features look a bit awkward mixed with Cancer features, when they end up with something like a pointy little Virgo nose on a big, round Cancer face. Equally so, I've seen Virgo trim Cancer down in a pleasing way. So even if we considered the features themselves as being objectively attractive or not, there are still a multitude of ways it could turn out for any given individual, while still being classically Virgo.


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There are many many beautiful Virgo Rising models, actors and entertainers:

☆ Leo Audrey Tautou ☆ Barbara Stanwyck ☆ Gemini Brooke Shields ☆ Christina Ricci ☆ Gemini Carmen Dell’Orefice ☆ Capricorn Dolly Parton ☆ Doris Day ☆ Elizabeth Banks ☆ Scorpio Elke Sommer ☆ Scorpio Kris Jenner ☆ Aries Emma Watson ☆ Gemini Helen Hunt ☆ Marlene Dietrich ☆ Taurus Renee Zellweger ☆ Cancer Nicole Scherzinger ☆ Virgo Nicole Ritchie ☆ Olivia Newton John ☆ Shirley MacLaine ☆ Pisces Sharon Stone ☆ Sissy Spacek ☆ Taurus Uma Thurman ☆ Libra Donna Karan ☆ Capricorn Marlene Dietrich ☆

Some of those celebs aren't actually Virgo Rising, as tends to be true for most lists.

Barabara "Missy" Stanwyck, for example, was born in the PM and not the usually-cited "AM" She's Aries Rising/Moon in Libra and not Virgo Rising/Virgo Moon.


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Personality can make looks appealing too. I have come across 5 Virgo risings which isn’t a lot however thought I would join in and give my opinion. One was not at all attractive neither was the personality. The other 2 were attractive and good personalities.
Finally one was nice looking and a very reserved personality that came across quite ‘boring’. She was an Aries sun. The other one has a calming energy with an Aries sun. Very reserved indeed. Not bad looking either but seems better looking as he is so kind or comes across so kind. He has a cancer moon.
Overall I find Aries sun very sparky and bright but I so far from my what I have seen, the Virgo in them takes that edgy Aries away.
I suppose it depends on the aspects too.
I mean, you can have Virgo rising and be absolutely stunning. It could possibly be some great aspects to Venus or another planet that beautifies you.


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My take on it, is that the virgo ascendant makes me strive to be the best I can be to the outer world, analysing myself and the outer world

The Virgo energies are directed towards constant self-improvement and self-optimization, so this makes sense.