Is there something you can tell me I need to know?


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Looking for advice and information regarding my future. Thank you.

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I used to be able to read charts but not anymore. Its been 4 years since I've been into astrology. If you want me to take a look at your chart I can but don't expect too much from it.
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hi LeoJeo

your sun is square to your moon and you have your sun/moon midpoint conjunct to chiron.
this aspect gives a incisive ,critical intelligence. it gives you the desire to understand the "ultimate" reasons and causes behind reality and peoples interactions. this is a investigative aspect but also a judgmental aspect which means that when you see contradictions in other peoples words and actions, you will tell them what you see. this aspect gives not tact ,so you have often upset and lost friends because you don't mince your words even though most people dope not like their contradictions pointed out to them;.
but chiron place a premium on truth and cares not want is socially acceptable in criticism. as a consequence you may have lost a few friends and offended other people at times.
as your sun/moon midpoint is conjunct to Chiron, this is how you are .you can't hold your tongue when truth is denied.
this aspect marks you with the potential to be a successful researcher or some other investigative profession as you want to know the hidden truth in all matters.
this pattern also gives a high level of psychic ability but because of one great intelligence and deductive reasoning powers, one often think that one's "premonitions" are logically you have both deductive intelligence and psychic prescience working for you.

I think when you say you can't read charts anymore. what you are actually saying is that you don't read charts anymore because so many people and friends were put off bu your truth and honesty. and as mentioned above, your words go to the quick and people don't like to see their faults.
so you stopped reading charts because you value friendship over the knowledge that your rare astrological insights give you.
your Eros/psyche midpoints are opposed to your moon and square to your sun, which shows hat you re a very romantic and loving person, so I think that it bothered you that caused other emotional distress an therefore toped reading friends and others.

but you are also astrally gifted. that is you have access to the astral plane in your dream states . this is shown by the nodal axis being square to your natal Uranus . this gives flying dreams, maybe out of the body experiences, possibly sleep paralysis and at times your dreams can be prophetic . this gives a general psychic sensitivity and increase your intelligence and intuitive insights. this give a far sighted view of the world and life. you can see and understand long-term social and emotional trends.
but you are so far ahead of your peers that at times others may think you are crazy because they can't understand your ideas or actions.
this pattern does pose a risk that you can be psychologically overwhelmed by the astral energies. if this happens then ,yes, you can become confused and act in ways that others may consider abnormal .

this is a condition of any strong Uranus aspect, but you have additional aspects that can be extremely confusing psychically and mentally.
your vertex/lilith midpoint is also square to Uranus and square your node which is conjunct mid heaven.
this pattern is extremely powerful in that you consciousness is subject to extreme karmic/otherworldly influences. Your Uranus give you astral insights but adding the vertex shows that truly ultimate cosmic energies run through your consciousness. though these energies can give ultimate insights, these energies can also be totally confusing because very often these otherworldly energies will not have anything to do with your life or soul journey. so at tines you can feel subject to experience, images and
an visions from realities you don’t understand. To complicate matters .with Lilith involved, you will sometimes feel that these “otherworldly feelings are coming out of you. It would be times like this that you might even think that you could be crazy .
I think this is another reason you have stepped back from reading charts….. you might have had otherworldly/paranormal experience happen to you that no one around you could ever understand.
You are psychically gifted , to do not give up recognizing your astrological and psychic skills/abilities



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Are you religious/spiritual? I see that being a big part of your destiny, perhaps living in a foreign land/another person's home to help others or the public. Your partnerships play a big part in the direction you take. You were a born leader and, I believe, very persuasive. As Saturn currently transits through Capricorn, you'll experience setbacks but you will encounter some life changing events that will bring you enlightenment.


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hope helps take stock, share feedbacks how true-insightful-prospective;
wonder whether read chart earlier on some forum :

scorpio-mars 10th inimical-malefic for cap asc, 7th lord moon debilated scorpio,
secretive, suspicious, sentimental, sarcastic, passionate,
research-occult-forensic aptitudes,
stress-delays in career-recognition-marriage-relationship-vocation;

moon elevated aspect taurus 4th for mother-domestic comforts-property;
venus lord of elevation for moon over 7th quadrant, debilation cancelled,
gradual improvements, wear pearl over silver pendant touching heart;

jup transit inimical scorpio-moon, career growth but under stress-delays;
jup scorpio trine natal sat-pisces 2nd for family-fin,
trine cancer 7th for marriage-relationship;

jup year end moves to natal jup own sag 11th, gains from
teaching-advisory roles and through elders-gurus-consultants,
jup sag trine leo-venus 7th for relationship-marriage;
trine aries 3rd for advisory roles; pars fortuna aries 3rd;
wear yellow saphhire over pendant touching heart;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers thurs mornings;

separative SNode ketu aries 3rd, hyper-impulsive, accident prone,
detachment from siblings, jup sag trine aries protective however;
ketu now transit acq first, pain-injury-surgery head-legs etc to care,
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers tues mornings at the alter at home;

inimical mars with rahu libra 9th, foreign travels-pilgrimage, tech aptitudes,
stormy anger when provoked; rise-fall in life-fate/luck etc
secular attitude towards religion, spirituality through service of mankind;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;
prayers for welfare of ancestors, observe fast No-moon evenings taking milk-fruits;
observe death anniversaries religiously;
rahu now transit leo 7th-vertex, forming critical foreign relationship probably;

sun-mer-venus leo 7th, literary-oratory-physician aptitudes,
venus lord 5/9 over 7th, luck after relationship,
sun 7th seeking well-to-do elite relationships but separative in nature,
venus combust sun, may need zinc supplements for health/child birth;

retro sat acq opp sun-mer-venus health-relationships-career under much stress;
craving for affections but difficult to manifest;
retro sat acq reformist, innovative, growth through public admin-mass supervision etc; c;
observe fast sat evenings taking milk-fruits;

sat just turned direct own cap asc, ambitious, hardworking,
good at event management, growth through public admin etc;
sat cap elevated aspect libra 9th for luck-edu-father-husband-distant travels;

past 4-5m sat retro towards sag 12th for foreign lands;
and towards jup sag 11th for gains, gains through old friends, old people perhaps;

btw what made you think of the future,
what is your background and what do you do, what are your plans;

hope the reading offers clues to pick and reflect upon, and the remedies;
do share how true talents-traits-health-events-prospects, how helpful etc etc,

wishing well, kshantaram
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Thanks so much everyone for the readings! I'll respond to each of you in kind in order from who commented first.

Rahu: Regarding not reading charts anymore, its more because of the 2nd reason rather than the first reason. I am not into psychic or astral things so much though I was at one point. Yes though, I do get confused from things at times. I have had traumatic experiences in the past relating to spirituality but other than that it has been relatively positive. That might be another reason why I stopped reading charts, since I wanted to distance myself from everything "spiritual" at one point. Thank you for your reading though, it gave me some things to think about!

Waterofthesouth: No religion, but spirituality yes, kind of. My relationships are actually not the biggest thing in my life anymore, though at one point I was much more into them. Perhaps my progressed chart has something to do with that. Thanks for the reading! I hope good things come this way.

Kshantaram: I definitely am detached from my siblings and am a little separative when it comes to relationships, though I would like closer relationships at times. I can be a hard worker but when I'm not working I'm typically quite lazy. The whole "secular attitude towards religion, spirituality through service of mankind;" is something that defines me to a degree. I feel stuck in place often times and I don't quite know where to go with things, and its hard to not be vague but the vagueness best describes it. That's probably Neptune in 1st house conjunct ascendant that influences me to be vague but yeah. I feel stuck so I want to know about the future, but mostly I want to know why I feel stuck.

My plans are to do something with music and hopefully do something to help the world in the process. Again, I feel too secretive and yet also wishy-washy to really talk about it. Thank you for the reading though!