Is there anything in my chart that stands out?!?!


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Involving love good or bad?I just cant seem to figure this out.:unsure:At times I feel like ill never find anyone and other times I feel like my soul mate is near.Is there anything in my chart stating one or the other


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Well, you have your Sun and Mercury in the 7th house which does indicate that you are inclined to think about that person that "completes" you, but you have both of those in opposition with Saturn, which can cause problems with finding that person. Saturn at its best gives discipline, and at its worst gives limits which can be quite depressing. Your 7th house Mercury is also in opposition with Uranus, which in my mind suggests that you may find that person through intellectual exchanges. Mercury and Uranus are both intellectual planets. I am guessing, because of your 7th house Mercury oppostion Uranus, that you may find your soulmate through the Internet.


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I think Matto is right.

Also, sometimes women with their sun in the 7th house focus so much on being part of a couple that they give away a lot of personal power in order to do so. If they are in a bad relationship they may stick with it rather than risk being single. If they are single, they can focus so much on finding someone that their individual identity and hence their morale suffers. Paradoxically, the more stress you feel about finding a soul mate, the less likely you are to located a great partner, because you are likely to project a lot of anxiety, and place a huge burden on someone whom you expect to fulfill your wishes.

Don't look for your soulmate. Look for a good person with whom you are compatible. The whole soulmate thing is really over rated. What happens if you think you've found your soulmate and s/he turns out to be a very toubled individual? Or merely "average"? More than likely, this person will never be as good as your expectations.