Is there anything good about the 12th house or is it a permanent curse?


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12th house Sun and Venus here.

The bad thing about the 12th house is that the stuff that it contains it's not yours. It belongs to the collective.

The Sun enters the 12th house in early morning when the roads and the trains/subways are full. So the 12th house is very public and impersonal. While in the 11th house you know the people by name who you interact with that's not the case in the 12th. Because you interact with the crowd. So the stuff that you have in the 12th house.... You can't control it. There's no possibility of micromanagement cause it's the 6th house. The subway has its own timetable that you can't control but adapt.

You can't force your 12th house stuff to work in your favour. And if you don't force but adapt the collective will offer it for you.