Is there any chance of us getting together?


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This guy was interested in me over a year ago but I rejected him as I was dealing with a recent heartbreak plus tbh I did not like him that much. Over the past year we have seen each other a lot through mutual friends and he is still flirty and says thing that makes me think he is interested but has not made a move ( ask me out or text me - we have exchanged number previously).
I am not sure if I should take the initiative.

In this horary I am venus and I guess he is mars (should I use Pluto or Mars as a ruler of scorpio?). There is a trine between venus and mars. Mars is in Aries - strong. The moon is in cancer.
But Mars is in 12th house... Does that mean that he is hiding something? I'm a big confused.
Also venus is in 8th house. Both 12 and 8 are malefic. Should I not bother at all?


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