Is there any chance for this to solidify ever?


So, there's this guy who is reappearing in my life, and we are constantly playing hot and cold at different times. He appeared once again just before this retrograde Venus and I don't know what to do anymore.

Can someone help me understand our "functioning pattern" and if there is any chance, like ever, for us to succeed, or I should forget it?

Pic 1: synastry, I'm the inner circle
Pic 2: synastry, he's the inner circle
Pic 3: composite

Thanks a lot! :love:


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The composite explains it all, the sun/venus conjunction shows your affection for each other, and the mars square is the sexual attraction. The moon however is conjunct Uranus and Saturn, so there is a lack of emotional communication and the relationship will always be off and on. This could also mean periodic unexpected separations, not necessarily breaking off. You have to decide if you can live with that type of situation, some people would thrive on it, others no. Neptune on the ascendent shows your confusion about what the relationship is all about.


Thank you for the reply, ElenaJ! :happy: You summed it up pretty well. I can see the affection on his part, but he's also emotionally distant, as I partially am. In some way, I can understand that due to the fact that his Moon is in Fall (in Scorpio) and my Moon is in Detriment (in Capricorn) and we are not types of people who open up easily. I believe that he can sense that on my side as I can on his. Several times I tried to approach him more openly with my feelings but he would retreat and then reappear after several months as if nothing has happened. We'll see how it will develop and what kind of lesson lies behind that.


hi sasha

i look for he most exact aspect when trying to see the longest lasting vibrations. here Uranus is conjunct to saturn by 2 arc seconds. this could imply that he will always be a comer and goer as Saturn and Uranus are a polarity of stability and change so he may always be content to" sit on the fence".

chiron is opposed to this conjunction which adds a unfortunate critical intensity. that is he is always finding fault or looking for faults instead of working with the present influences.

mars/venus and mars/sun midpoints are square to neptune.this is usually associated with hidden affairs.with both mars and venus involved, it may be that your live style with him includes a lot of socializing and enjoying yourselves in public.
but this pattern of aspects does not work for a stable relationship as the sense of loyalty can be eroded fairly quickly.

so it seems from this that he enjoys you and knows he is unattached at the same time.

a major problem with this set up is that mercury is conjunct to Sedna

mercury . again a exact conjunct within 3 arc minutes. so truth has always been a basic element for your emotional and mental connection to him. this implies a relationship based on truth.

but the sedna /mercury conjunction is opposed to Pluto and squared to orcus. this invariably shows there are "preextisitng" issues that will impact the subconscious emotional connections at the least.the effect is that certain part of personal history are never revealed.
ultimately this leads to some form of deception or self deception.
if even transparencies is desire,emotional dynamics can block true intimacy.

sun/Venus/juno conjunct, with the named asteriod aura opposed to these shows that part of the love you share involves at least insinuations of permanency someday. juno especially strengthens your love from a long term perspective and he at leasts puts off soft notions that he would like a permanent hookup....

i used the named asteriod for you, sasha,and it is square to the vertex which means that the energy of this relationship really affect you and come through strong.even if you have resolve to break it off, once he appears the energies just picks you up.

the composite has mars square to psyche which incenses the sense of pure love between you. so many loving and attractive vibration here.

i just feel he is ultimately is a selfish user.

pluto opposed to Jupiter show worldly ambitions and desires are more important that emotional relationships.and hence he will not give up any options about his life.

the chart has strong marriage characteristics but also separation dynamics, so i suggest making your stand. commitment or nothing.
more than that you need to talk about marriage with him. either way he needs to know the outcome is in his hands.
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Wow, thanks for such an in-depth analysis. It really helps me put things into perspective, and makes me become more aware and rational about our dynamics. Definitely need to cut it off permanently. Thanks a lot! :smile::sideways: