Is there a promise of a future?


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My friend started talking to a guy on Bumble, they exchanged numbers and from there the conversation moved on to Whatsapp. She feels that the guy seems more interested in her than she is and she has had 2-3 detailed conversations with him about the past/present. He wants to date her, but she is unsure. Havent met yet or have heard each other's voice.
She asked here, if there is any promise of a future in this relationship. (She is the ascendant). She feels reluctant in investing time, especially now after speaking with this man, that maybe this relationship may not be successful as her previous ones. My friend is very attractive, but somehow she feels that the man may not like what he sees and best to maintain boundaries.
She is Sun in the Aries in 9th house, she lives in Singapore, foreign land. The exalted sun here. She/Moon is also exalted in 12th and stays hidden from him.
Both venus and mercury conjunct MC, not sure what this means.
I am not sure if put this man as 5th or 7th. However to look at a serious relationship, if I take 7th, he would be Saturn, with Jupiter in his house. Jupiter rules his 2nd and 11th, so finances and his friends on his mind. He/Saturn also in his 12th, Saturn enjoys this position, so he likes being hidden from her.
I don't any much aspect between the moon and Saturn, so looks like a NO to me. Also Sun as significators Is in the fall of Saturn. So it may not turn out well for her
Help would be appreciated on this.


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Okay, fair enough. Then I would say no. It's a separating aspect and he is Saturn hiding in his 12th house, so there's a lot she isn't seeing. If I were her I'd walk away from this.

No because she asked the question..I mentioned it in the post. She is the ascendant (1st House)


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Update: I spoke to my friend, it seems she has lost interest in this guy. He wanted to rush into things, and she wants to take it slow. So perhaps a no
Thank you so much Milarein!