Is there a possibility?


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I had a little history with this guy and I'd like to know if there is a possibility for us to be together in the future. I think that he is way too selfish and frivolous, but I still like him. I think he has big insecurities and that he appears more confident that he really is. And I also believe that he is not sure about moving forward with me, although he is attracted to me.
What do you think? Do we have future? Here is our composite... Thanks!!

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Composite's are not the basis of synastry unfortunately and in my opinion should be left til last.

Perhaps you could post both natal chart or a synastry grid for people to comment on?

Composites describe 'the relationship', not either one of you, but what you came together to learn or to do and how the 'pair of you' function when together....


hi maria
the composite chart shows a strong attraction with moon conjunct venus trine to uranus.with the venus/sun midpoint square to the ascendant the emotional/physical attraction is intense.with the mercury/venus midpoint square to uranus, this attraction was almost electric and you probably had many dreams about you and him.but it seems that this intense attraction was mostly on your side as there are many apects that indictae that he was a bit colder.the mars/venus midpoint is square to pluto.this gives an intense physical connection but it is also very instinctual and often the physical connection is much stronger than the emotional bonding that you seems he was simply into the sexual side of the relationship while you were truly in love with him.
the sun trine to pluto and sextile to neptune shows that there was a compassionate and caring side to the relationship but with the uranus/mars midpoint square to the sun and opposed to chiron, he is very into his freedom at all cost.this is not an aspect that shows any need for committment and the chiron influence indicates that the more you romantic you acted ,the more he tried to pull away an d belittle your feelings.with saturn square the pluto/chiron midpoint, he was very cold and abrupt to you.
and even though the venus/jupiter square shows that you had a lot of fun together and even talked about committment, mercury opposed to the saturn/chiron midpoint shows that he was very "mean" to you at times.i would think that this relationship was strongeast last summer though he might have been with you momentarily in december.currently he is totally turned off to you and probably it will remain that way as he is very selfish and independent.