Is there a love relationship between us two


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Could it happen, will it?
I like him, we've hung out twice last weekend and definitely had a connection. But I'm not sure if I'm being delusional or not...I heard that mars conjunct saturn in horary makes a person see a situation that's not really clear to them... Because I feel like he and I could love each other but I'm probably wrong as he probably might not feel the same way...
Astrologers, what do you think of this chart?

We're both Libras, if you want to know our synastry. I'm 10-09-92 and he's 10-11-93.


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dr. farr

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(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

I'll use the Part of Love (ascendant+7th cusp-venus) to delineate this question:

-POL falls @ 20 Virgo, significator = Mercury
-querent = 1st house = Taurus = Venus
-querent co-significator = Moon
-he = 7th house = Scorpio = Mars
-Venus flows toward the POL = +
-Mars flows away from the POL = -
-Moon flows away from the POL = -
-Mercury retrogrades toward Venus = +
-Mercury retrogrades away from Mars = -
-POL is in a pitted degree of Virgo = -

Positive = +2
Negative = -4
Net = -2

...with a net of -2 testimonies, indications are that no there is not a love relationship existing between querent and quesited (yet!) But perhaps in time there could be!


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You say that there could be. I think so too..he SEEMS to like me. But for something to happen, would I have to be the one to initiate a relationship to make it happen?

dr. farr

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Venus (you) flows toward Mars (him) in the chart: yes this would indicate (to me) that you will have to take a direct, positive role in trying to make this happen.


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there can be love between you and him but if you think, it isn't there, it can be created with the help of astrology. everything can be known through it. u just need to believe in love and what you want. the want is the most important thing to be known by you and first you need to be clear on your part. you just need to be true to yourself and when you are done with it, you can move on to astrology for further help.
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