Is there a ghost in my house?


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We have lived here 7 years and on and off I have noticed odd things happen, but mostly when I am alone. I recall one specific time when I was upstairs and my husband was out, my daughter asleep in her room (she was under a year old) and I heard a door slam loudly. I came downstairs and literally checked everything and it was nothing. Other things I have noticed is messing with our baby monitors. The one specifically in my now 4 year old's room did not have the ability to move the direction of the camera unless physically turned and there were several instances where the camera was turned 180 degrees. It would have been impossible to have happened since the camera was docked up on her curtain rod. Things kind of died down with my oldest but she told me the other day she is afraid of ghosts and feels like one is in her room. I probed but then she told me that a girl at school told her about ghosts so I told her they didn't exist and I reassured her she was safe. This morning she had her wardrobe doors open because she said she didn't like them closed.

Fast forward to about 2 hours ago. I was on a work call and I am 100% alone. All of a sudden I hear "baby shark" BLASTING from the living room. I know no one was watching baby shark before leaving for school and daycare on the TV or ipads, so I was a bit freaked. This went on for a solid 2 mins. I wrapped up the call and went into the kitchen/living room and it stopped. I checked all the ipads, nothing. THEN it started blasting again. I walked towards the sound and it was coming from a puzzle that ONLY makes noise when you remove the pieces. As soon as I was in front of the puzzle it stopped. To say that I am freaked out is an understatement.

There are many other examples of things, but another that stands out is Halloween night around 4am I randomly woke up and my then 17 month old was sitting up in her crib and there was a light flickering in the corner and then it looked like streamers were going across the camera. I waited until she lied down again and went in there and it was nothing. Even waved my own hand around the area. Then I went back upstairs and it started again. I woke up my husband and he went in and said it was cobwebs, but I think he also doesn't like to feed into anything supernatural (odd since he has a Pisces 12th house stellium..but I digress). After he left the room it stopped.

I've also smelled perfume and fragrances at night. So I am thinking it is a woman and maybe that is the interest in my children. It doesn't seem malice at all. It just seems like sometimes it wants me to know she's there!

Does this chart show a spirit in my house??? My village is REALLY old. The church up the road is from the 16th century and I would have to pull up the deeds for this house but it has an old part and a new part. So it wouldn't surprise me, but I just want to know how to deal with this. I don't care if spirits are here, just don't try and communicate with me or scare us!

The moon is in my 4th house but it's the 2nd house ruler so I don't understand what that would mean. And then Uranus in the 12th...could that be the messing with electronics??


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