Is the Hole in my left eye socket something to concern myself with?


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So basically, I went to the Eye Doctor to get a checkup and it was hell. Eye drops and all and altered vision. I thought that was going to be the end of it. My vision wasn't perfect, no one's is and so I thought I was okay. But I didn't wake up this morning expecting this surprise.

One of the doctors tried to get pictures of my eyes, and for some reason couldn't do it. Apparently my eye was jumpy despite my entire body staying still. So a male doctor came in and decided to use a camera that would take a picture of the entire insides of my eyes..

My right eye was the picture of perfect health....My left eye, is a different story altogether. There was a hole in my left eye somewhere, and frankly it was shocking and a bit disturbing.

So the eye doctor wants me to review with a specialist to confirm whether or not it was something prenatal or something I've recently acquired.

Chart Observations:

Cancer is the ASC. So I'm represented by the Moon, in my own sign.
Aries rules the eyes, brain, etc. Its represented by Mars which is in its fall in Pisces.

Despite that, its notable that Moon and Mars are part of a Grand Water Trine involved with Saturn.

Mars is also involved in a trine with Pluto in Capricorn.

There is a Grand Square with Moon/Pluto and Uranus(in Aries)

If one takes Saggitarius to rule the Sixth House(Jupiter), it's applying a square to the Sun(which identifies the self) but it's also sextiling Uranus.

I think the Grand Square and in particular Uranus in Aries is representative of the "shock" value I got. But looking at the chart as a whole, it seems to be saying "Everything's fine".


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I would personally consider the influence of Neptune in the matter...what better to explain our visual 'distortions, anomalies and disturbances? Neptune symbolically represents 'the visions we perceive through our eyes'; Neptune can serve to skew our vision, so eye disorders would fall under this energy, in terms of absence or losses, there being a whole in the eye socket...I would consider the square between Jupiter and Neptune in this chart would be highly indicative of this, since Jupiter serves to magnify things, and bring them into our awareness...I think that you will need to have this taken care of, since Jupiter is found in the 12th house, and opposing the 6th of 'Health'. Also Moon opposing Pluto would indicate a critical change or stressor.:smile: