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Querent, a 16 yr old relative, tells me she "feels pregnant" (Sagittarius ascendant describes the issue at hand). Is she?



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It is Placidus.
By astrology classic William Lilly...
A woman desirous to know the truth; if she aske the Question of thee, then give Answer, having well considered your figure.

The Lord of the Ascendant or Moon behold the Lord of the 5th with any aspect or translation.
[No. Jupiter doesn't currently apply to Mars nor Moon. However Moon has squared Jupiter 7 degrees ago]

If the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon be in the 5th house,
[no, the 5th is empty. However there's a Part of Fortune in the 5th] from the malevolent aspect of the Infortunes and direct;
[No, the Moon is in the malevolent aspect to Saturn, within 1 degree. ]

Begin Page 227
... and take any evill aspects of the Lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th, to be an affliction, if he have Square or Opposition to the Lord of the 5th, or Lord of the Ascendant, or the Moon.

[Yes for evil aspects. Lord of the 6th (illness) Venus applying conjunction to The Lord of Ascendant. The Moon herself is the marker of the evil house of death, the 8th and The Lord of the 5th himself also rules an evil house of loss12 ]

Jupiter generally in the 1st, 5th, 11th or 7th, not in aspect to Saturn or Mars for Yes.
[No he is not in any of those houses]

The Lord of the Ascendant or Lord of the 5th house aspecting a Planet in an Angle with reception;
[Yes, The Lord of the 5th IS aspecting a planet in an angle (the 7th), but it's the evil planet Sun which "burns" and harms him]

... if the Moon be in reception with any Planet in an Angle, that is, essentially Fortified, else not; for accidentall dignities in this manner of judgment, giveth hopes, but not assurance.

[The Moon IS in mutual reception with not just any planet but with Mars himself...The Lord of the 5th, the marker of the conception. But it's a negative reception as both planets are in Fall/weak in their enemy's sign. And this only "giveth hopes, not assurance"]

If the Lord of the Ascendant behold the Ascendant with an amicable aspect, out of any good House;

or if the Moon be in the 7th, and behold the Lord of the 7th in the 11th,

or if the Moon be in the 11th, and behold the Lord of the 7th in the 7th.
[NO, the Moon is in bad shape in the 12th house of loss and very afflicted by being in Fall in Scorpio and applying to Saturn, which signifies rejection]

The Lord of the Ascendant received in either House, Triplicity or Exaltation,
YES [Received in his fiery Triplicity] however Leo is a barren sign.

...and the receiver of the Lord of the Ascendant having alike dignity in the House, Triplicity, Exaltation, or Term of the received

[Yes, the Asc. Lord's dispositor is the Sun who receives the Jupiter in his Exaltation, plus gets power from being Angular]

The Moon giving virtue, or rendering her light to a Planet in the 5th house, or having essential dignities in the 5th.
[No. 5th is her Fall sign Aries]

The Moon applying to the Lord of the Ascendant or Lord of the 5th in the 1st or lOth house,
[No. Moon is applying to Saturn and then exits Scorpio].

...and he not Cadent from his owne House or exaltation; (a Planet Cadent from his owne House)
[He IS cadent]

[other testimonies.]

The Dispositor of the Moon and the Lord of the hour in Angles;
[Yes and No. The Mars is the dispositor and he is Angular; the Moon is the lord of the Hour and she is not]

Mars in the Signe of the 7th House, she is newly conceived (this is to be understood if he be well Fortified:)

[Yes Mars IS in the 7th. But it is "mutilated" and has no freedom to act on its own volition, i.e. harmed by being combust from the Suns beams and in fall in Cancer... Which means he is not fortified, but on the contrary, debilitated. ].

Now for the interpretation. The Querent is most definitely not pregnant - there are far too many testimonies against it. Jupiter is the marker for the querent in the Cadent 9th house, conj. Venus in a barren sign Leo, which exaggerates playful sensuality and flirting in a big way. Also as Venus represents the 6th house of health, and she trines Uranus in the 4th house (translates light from Uranus to Jupiter), she translates the qualities of this house to her: it will bring feelings of LIBERATION and freedom through self-knowledge in internal affairs (the 4th), and pretty soon too (Since the 4th house is cardinal) .


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I will update as soon as I hear the result, the Querent estimates 1.5 weeks (at the earliest). Any other opinions are welcome until then.