Is she a cheater?


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If you had an accurate birth chart for her, and one for you, then we could do an accurate synastry chart tell you exactly what the issues between you are.

Without accurate birth charts, this is just a discussion that goes nowhere.

Clearly you have an intense sexual attraction to her and this allows you to ignore rationality, since you may be led around by a different part of your body than your prefrontal cortex.

Find out here birth data so we can close this down for you once and for all.

I found this hand written postits on my bed when I got back from work on Monday. She wrote,

Nothing that is worth wile is easy, nothing that is easy is worth while
fix the light bulb , don't replace the house
every challenge is an opportunity for growth
you make me so proud every day, you're an inspiration, and you're my favorite.
forget all the reasons it won't work and believe the one reason it will work
fail early, fail often,
You're mother said to me one time that you have a heart of gold. it true, you're and absolute treasure, I love you babe <3 x
never forget that you are limitless, let nothing and no one hold you back, never doubt your capacity to achieve.
being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. it means you have a agreed to look beyond the imperfection..
Love is blind... But friendship dares to close its eyes!

We love doing things for each other. The other day when she finished work I took her shoes off and washed her feet! :) ... made love to her toes for lil while. I don't think I've ever done that for women before? .. Lads and ladies, If you haven't, ye don't know what your missing!

Every inch of her I could kiss. I'm genuinely mad about this girl! Like no one I've been with before. There's an unexplainable magic to her that just captures me. She missed most of her physcology lectures and still manages to ace her exams, she's such quick learner and people say we look great together. She's affectionate, hugs my mother all the time and all my friends, mad sweet!

I know I've posted a lot of the negative, but this girl makes me so happy in many other ways! I just need to know what the astrology says to help me make my decision. Does she deserve a chance? If so, I think Id be prepared to give it a shot! :joyful:

Girlfriend (f), 4 Feb. 1994 at 15:36 , Dublin, IRE
Me (m), 28 Jan. 1988 at 14:32 , Dublin, IRE


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Did either you or your girlfriend move more than 25 km from your place of birth during the first five years of life? And if so, specifically when, and specifically where?


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Synastry, IMO, just so you know, requires 6 things:

1. a Mini analysis of the most significant parts of your natal chart

2. a mini analysis of the most significant parts of her natal chart

3. the synastry of the two natal charts

4. a mini analysis of your current mental and emotional challenges

5. a mini analysis of her current mental and emotional challenges

6. a synastry of how yours and hers current emotional and mental challenges are impacting each other.


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Did either you or your girlfriend move more than 25 km from your place of birth during the first five years of life? And if so, specifically when, and specifically where?

Nope she's always lived in the family house.
I moved 5km from my grand mothers house to my home house.
So the answer is no?


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Natally you bring stuff to your relationships that can be significant.

To do a full analysis of your chart would require what I call the Seven Quotients of Natal Astrology© which is quite extensive and not possible in a forum, but included a full analysis of your current emotional and mental challenges, how you deal with change, how your think and your impediments/rose colored glasses and feeling pain and mental chaos, your strengths, your Fences not to cross, and your vitality. I can only look at some of the many significant items before doing this online, and clearly missing some really significant ones.

For this purpose, I will only look at a few:

1. You have a really high latitude moon

This means that you expect to get your way in things, but that often when you do things tend to get out of control quickly. You are a perfect example of the "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR" syndrome, and you have what I also call the Sorcerer's Apprentice syndrome, where it seems ok, but when things get going you are often the victim of unintended consequences.

This can make relationships difficult both in your demands, and your not knowing how to be light handed, often using a sledgehammer when a fly-swatter would have been more appropriate.

2. Moon and Uranus are out of bound by declination

a. Moon OOB: A compensation for Moon OOB is that while the are often deprived of the mother’s love , they often achieve success, recognition, and wealth. Often it creates some insecurity which requires them to try to prove their worth to the world. Lack of good child mother relations drives these people to high achievement in their search for love respect, influence and security. This can put demands on relationships with women who are not your mother

b. Uranus Out of Bounds: especially inventive nature, but with an especial need for freedom of action. Always not wishing to be tied down so ultimately there is a struggle for commitment when the clutch comes.

3. You have a very significant Mutable T-Square with a Venus Focus Planet

Lets review what a T-Square is:

1. A COMMON CONFIGURATION: 40 % of charts have this

2. An Opposition with another planet at the midpoint of the opposition on either side of the chart---which is called the APEX Planet
APEX planet constantly challenges the glass ceiling of the opposition: the native cannot ignore the opposition

3. The power and friction of the opposition will show how impactive this configuration is in your life

4. The fact that there is a planet at the APEX leads to a continuous stress, like having blister on your heel that just won’t go away. It affects your psyche profoundly especially its powerful and high friction.

5. Usually a T-SQUARE represents a glass ceiling impacted by dealing with the rights and needs of others.

6. The whole thing can get out of hand and can take over the chart since the APEX planet is a constant irritant(again depending on the power and friction of it) that must be addressed

Yours is a Mutable T-Square, so lets look at the general characteristics of a mutable t-square:

1. The oppositional glass ceiling involves lessons of dealing with stimulation that is stressful to the nervous system, and sometimes disruptive to thinking, leading to some kinds of thinking disorders

2. Gives you lessons involving resolving boredom and restlessness that prevents him from accomplishing anything of a substantial nature

3. Causes you to have difficulty setting goals
Lives moment to moment, and often resists planning ahead for anything
Is so interested in contrasting ideas and opposing mental concepts that he is driven to knowledge gathering and sharing it with others

4. You tend to feel driven to let those in his life know about what you've learned but at the same time you struggle with too much vacillation and indecision about what you find out about reality

5. Until you learn to discipline yourself, people simply don’t know what to expect from you

6. Specifically, in regards to people relationships, you must also try hard to define exactly what you wants and when you want it

You have a VEnus Apex planet.

GEnerally Venus as the apex planet, poking at your thinking over and over again exists in this way:

1. Strong social drive and active need to be aware of people and their interactions with you

2. Tends to End up feeling unloved, unappreciated, even unfairly treated in his relationships with others, and is constantly looking for people to turn on him, thus constantly looking for cracks in the relationships that he KNOWS have to be there.

3. Tends to have People get attracted to him and then find that what he thinks is important and what they think important are not the same, and then the seem to disappear.

4. Partnerships require give-and –take, sharing, compromise but this requires dealing with the nitty gritty of living and the Apex Venus doesn’t want to do this

5. Expects relationships to be perfect, without conflict, without tension,
Wants thing to roll along smoothly in relationships, but often does his side by blocking any of the actions that would make that happen

6. Tends to be continually surprised that his perfect relationships fall apart

7. Relationships tend to be static and un-stimulating for others because he perpetuates an ideal form which has nothing to do with how relationships actually work. This means that the others tend to pull away from him, and then he doesn't understand why it happened.

8. Tends to require instant gratification, when long term relationships come from learning to delay gratification.

9. Tends to expect things to come easily without any hard work or struggle to obtain goals

And finally getting very specific:

Venus in Mutable T-Square

1. Can make the person be unpredictable in love relationships

2. Causes a tendency to have no real concept of what jobs is in a relationship need to be performed

3. May need to periodically separate from his partner, to the consternation of the partner

4. May constantly feel like s/he needs space and room to breath

5. Tends to feel that any commitment is an attack on his freedom of action

6. Need the freedom to come and go as s/he pleases, without regard for others needs in the relationship

7. Tends to nag and criticize partners for their actions, but won’t accept an criticism him or her self

8. Enjoys relationships with excitement and enthusiasm

9. Needs to develop greater emotional depth

4. The Moon Opp Mars in the T-Square is very powerful and very high friction

This opposition should be looked at specifically

5. The Venus square Mars is also very powerful and very high friction

This square should be looked at.

As you can see, these are basic things that you bring to the relationship. You need to be aware of them because without paying attention to these tendencies, your relationships will fall apart. If you are aware of them, then you can pay attention to how these things that you aren't aware of on the surface, might impact a partner.

Next we look at what she is bringing to the table, Then we look at what your basic issues are between you, and then we look to see if you are additionally hampered by situational issues that are driving your current focuses in life and how that stuff might potentially impact your relation between you. Some people do that in a composite chart, I do it in an synastry between emotional charts and synastry between mental charts which can give a lot more information but is long and tedious to do.


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Wacky Aquarius Girlfriend chart is very very different than yours.

She has no OOB planets, no angular planets, and a very low latitude Moon

1. Low Lunar Latitude. Rather than expecting everything to go her way like you, she tends to go with the flow, doesn't make demands and tends to wait and see about things.

2. Her thinking processing doesn't have any overt modifiers such as T-Squares or Grand Trines, etc.

So we need to look at the basic structure of her thinking. Dealing with new issues for her comes from her very powerful ASC and very powerful Moon, just very less powerful than the ASC. So she tends immediately to merge her fight and flight response to security issues.

Her ASC is Cancer. So her immediate mental response to new situations goes like this:

1. Immediate response to new situation is often reserved, reserved, distrustful of its outcome, with a ready sense of flight. This matches her low latitude Moon and supports that. Argument is a fight; holding back is a flight.

2. She tends to want to be sensitive to the feeling of what is going on in the new situation, but she will withholding your own feelings initially

3. She can be easily influenced to do what happened in the past if the situation appears at all like something that she already experienced. YThis means that she is likely to respond with a solution from what happened in the past and not jump into new solutions. She tends to be cautious.

4. Once she has decided on your course of action, she will hold her ground with great tenacity but will be very careful of each forward step.

5. New situations must fit into your scheme of practical use or she won’t choose fight(management) and will choose flight(leaving it alone), she will just wait and see.

Because her Moon is so close to the ASC in Power, she will shift very quickly into looking at new situations as a personal security issue for her.

Her Moon is in Sagittarius and in the 5th house. This gives the following responses to new situations as soon as she has resolved whether she needs to fight or flight, which is often flight, which is hold back.

1. once fight or flight is resolved she will tend to deal with security by reaching out to situations, or to you. This is sort of like comes from climbing over the walls and coming out into a new day

2. Sagittarius is always finding conclusions to things and then moving on to the next wall to climb over. She finds a conclusion and works to come to a conclusion on the next item. Finality is important.

3. Security is a glorious crusade for truth, knowledge and meaning, which are walls to climb over and into a new day

4. Security is a continuous new day. This can be un-nerving for others in that once fight or flight is resolved she sees everything as a fun new day to experience. Happiness seems to be intertwined in her security issues.

5. Being a Moon is Sagittarius is like wanting a warm puppy and getting a travel agent.


Security continues to be modified by having the Moon in the 5th house:

1. Security is obtained by manifesting creativity, especially in ways which might be considered artistic, as opposed to a strictly planned scientific endeavor

2. Security is obtained by making sure that life is pleasurable

3. Security is obtained by interacting positively with every person in one’s environment

4. Security is buffeted by varying moods in feelings which tend to cause emotional blocks which limit the ability to manifest creativity

5. Security can be buffeted by family in the sense that romantic adventures and creativity can come under supervision of family or parents, or by the expectations of parents, who might not even be alive anymore.

6. Security is maintained by continuing a loving relationship with children and significant others

If these things in the house, aren't something that she can experience and that you can provide to her, then she may become stressed, and thrown back into fight or flight responses.

Since these are central parts to how she experiences the world and to any new situation like a new romantic relationship, if she cannot have her security maintained in this way, there will be stress.

A lot more can be looked at, but for a forum, this is a good start.

We really should look at the extremely strong and high friction Moon Square Saturn, and Saturn Square Pluto, as both of these aspects do condition her broader thinking processes.

By the way, we could look at the structure of your thinking too in this way also, and for both of you even into looking at how you do abstract thinking about world: that is what your Standard Model of Reality looks like. And for any real interpretation, we really should do this, but we are starting to get beyond what you might get usually on a forum, and we might be getting over your head.

So now you have a good Idea of what both of you are bringing to the synastry of the two of you in your natal tendencies. We now look at Where your high friction planets aspect her high friction planets, and where your high friction houses have her high friction planets in them and vice versa.
We are looking for places where you could have struggles. No relationship ever broke down out of too much happiness, and nobody ever writes in here asking for how to deal with too much happiness and too many good times.
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So lets look at the big bells of potential struggles.


Your highest friction house is the 6th, followed by the 8th with about a 1/3 the friction of the 6th, and the 2nd with about 1/4 the friction of the 6th.

Any planet of hers in your 6th or 8th or 2nd house is going to be a problem for you. If a planet that she has in your house is also high friction for her, that's a double whammy just looking for an argument.

Your highest friction planets are Mars, followed by the Moon and then Saturn. Mars has the highest power, and Saturn and the Moon are also high friction.

Your Mars in any house of hers unless its very low friction is going to set her off. If her house that your Mars is in is high friction another double whammy.

Any of your high friction planets aspecting her planets are a source of trouble, and if the planet that your Mars(or Moon or Saturn) aspects in the synastry chart is high friction, another double whammy.


1. Her somewhat frictionful and extremely powerful Moon, is in your very high friction 6th house. Double whammy here. None of the good characteristics of this combination are going to do much manifesting:

Neatness of and cleanliness of the home is surely an issue here, her hygiene habits, whatever they might be, will probably drive you nuts. She will also after awhile comment that she's not employed by you and that you are not her boss.

2. You Mars sextiles her Sun:

Normally this would be a cause for friendship, communication, and positive self expression. However with your Mars being so powerful and high friction, you will tend to dominate with what you do. And, since her Sun has moderate power and is the fourth highest friction Planet in her chart, you have the potential for her getting tired of having to always do things your way. You need to be careful of this.

Enough of this for now until I get some response from you for all the work I've put into your combined charts.