Is saturn in the 7th still make it unreadable if Its about relationships?


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I am suuuuper new to horary astrology but can still see this chart is veryyyyy indicative of the relationship or lack there of i am enquiring about -

will me and ____ ever be together? (the saturn conjunct his natal saturn)

I would *REALLY* appreciate if someone could give me some insight on this!


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I got only two reception from the 7th house ruler to the querent and it is Mercury in Sun Fall. And negative mutual reception between Moon and Jupiter. (Jupiter in Moon Fall, Moon in Jupiter Detriment). Connection will be made, Applying aspect Mercury to Jupiter in 5th house.
But he maybe not that super interested in forming a relationship with you.
I hope I am wrong, Saturn is in 7th house after all.


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it was me who asked the question... saturn in the 7th indicates his work bc thats the obstacle - as well as me living 8000 miles way