Is Pluto an astrological planet?


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I have a pic for you OP.

There you go, let find Pluto, lol. Hint hint, look at the arrow on the bottom right hand side.

Pluto is exponentially smaller than other planets in advance...


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Getting back to the Milky Way Galaxy being off kilter I wish to share the forward from my book, as it too is a 'clue', which was written by my friend, the clairvoyant Clarisse Conner, by my invitation to do so.

I didn't understand all of it at first and it puzzled me for some years but I kind of wrote it off as to being just Her manner of speaking by way of the use of a metaphor I was unfamiliar with and let it go at that...and as I did extend the invitation and she was so gracious to take the time to write a forward to my book, it would have been most disrespectful of me to edit it in any way.

...besides, she was the one that told me that I would write a book someday back in early 2003 which was almost two years before I produced the chart, I contend to be that, of Yeshu'a/Jesus of Nazareth.
At the time of her prediction that endeavor was merely something I had involved myself with so as to pass the time while awaiting resolution to the workers disability lawsuit I had against my former employer and I hadn't done anything with it for well over a year but I had just recently started tinkering with it again.

After I did produce the chart I had a "reading" given for me by Clarisse in which she told me I would be needed by society to "ease the shock" as to an upcoming event in the future...although she gave no indication of how far off in the future that may be. That reading involved so many things I asked about that the prediction about "easing the shock" and an upcoming event was forgotten by me by the time that reading was over.
She records all readings done over the phone, as mine was, and sends a tape cassette of the conversation to the client, But as I had rid myself of cassette players some time before, that tape sat unplayed for a number of years.
I only listened to it last year for the first time and that's when it struck me that what she had written in the forward to my book was in regard to the same event she had predicted over the phone a few years prior.


What she wrote in the forward


As david starling made the observation, and suggestion/theory, that Pluto possibly is the only PLANET to be properly aligned I think is reason enough to continue here with what may have begun as "off topic". :smile:
Your path is remembered by the future generations, and so I'm remembering yours (I need to introduce Sabian Symbols and Uranian Astrology to my country as fast as possible), and I love Pluto, because he is transforming me into a better person, like you.

david starling

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Pluto may be small but packs a punch all the same. It is a planet with influence just as the others do. It rules the 8th house and Scorpio.

Given the power of microchip technology compared to its much larger-sized but much less efficient tube and transistor precursors, one can easily see why Pluto's atrological influence can be so great, despite its smaller size.


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Re: I wonder- is it a highly plutonian chart?

There is no 'typical modern camp'
there are a myriad differences of opinion amongst modern astrologers


even modern astrologers acknowledge that SCORPIO is the home territory of MARS
on which dwarf planet pluto merely has 'co-rulership'
Yep, as I use both Mars and Pluto as the rulers of Scorpio.


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Pluto may be small but packs a punch all the same. It is a planet with influence just as the others do. It rules the 8th house and Scorpio.
It punches us a lot through our life so, yes, because the Pluto transits are actually very powerful and even us astrologers don't like it.


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has it occurred to any Pluto hater that they might be under a Saturn psychology hold themselves? Aka in the kin of the people who hated the first printing press, the ones who invented the Internet etc? akin to the holders of power which was about to be disseminated for kingdom come! Why does Saturn HAVE to be the master and be all and end all of all things astrological, it just does not make any sense at all in any way shape or form...because the physics say so too, Saturn is NOT the end of the physical solar system and astrology is based on the physical solar might be a small planet but then so is bloody mercury
Yep, as Pluto is as important as other planets in the Solar System!


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responses to threads are often from members who are beginners
some as young as twelve
with little or no experience but keen to learn by practice

we also have members with MULTIPLE DECADES
of astrological study completed
underage members are completing their schooling/exams
other members have day jobs


The outers carry no visible light.
Astrology evolved alongside ancient optical theories
and these theories still permeate astrological discourse to this day.
Planets in aspect are said to "..see.." or "..regard.." one another
their light is often considered a transmitter of their influence.


The word "..planet.." originally evolved from the Greek "..planetes aster.."
or "..wandering star.."
and referred to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars & Saturn
whose motion could be detected against the backdrop of fixed stars
that are stable in their relative distance from one another
but all move together as one large group.