Is my partner faithful?


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We are in a committed relationship but at the moment is a long distance one. I am probably paranoid because we had an argument and, being an anxious type, after each small argument I'm thinking that he is going to break up with me, or that he will find someone better. My question is: is he still faithful and committed and is this relationship going to last?
Many thanks and please be kind as I am feeling very emotional at the moment.


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dr. farr

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I’ll use the lot of faithfulness (asc+saturn-mercury) to delineate this question;
you = 1st house = libra
he = 7th house = Aries = mars
lot of faithfulness falls @ 14 cancer in the 10th house
lot is angular = +; mars flows toward the lot = +; mars in applying square to lot = -;lot dispositor moon is angular in 1st house and is in your signifying sign libra = +; results 3 + 1-; net +2
answer: yes he is faithful to you.