is my mom dying


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my moms an alcoholic and she seems to be severely withdrawing with tremors and urinating blood, this is a morbid post but she refuses to get help or go the doctors, ive begged and cried and i dont know what to do anymore, i feel sick every time i see her like this. if this post can indicate how much longer she has or her health journey i'd appreciate it. i feel helpless and i dont know if this horary is pointless but it might bring me some sanity or some peace, please let me know what you see


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so she has been admitted to the ER, she was diagnosed with cirrhosis, she has an infection, she can't breathe on her own, oxygen levels drop without assistance, is taking blood pressure medication, enlarged organs etc etc. Is it possible to get clarity with how long I have left with her? Please anyone :( I asked how long left and got 29 degree horary ascendant with her ruler, the 10H located in the 6H. while the ascendant ruler (me?) was in the 8H, anyone have any ideas? Thank you :(


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Your mother is 10th lord, mars and placed in the 11th house and near to 12th cusp at the time of horary, so she admitted to the hospital after one week (1 unit from mars to the 12th cusp)

mars squares 23 virgo maybe you pointed out the problem in liver ,if we go detail "Capsule and ligaments of liver" problem might be , but 10 th house has too much planets and causing an environmental disturbance to mothers emotions , mars also carry the responsibility of longevity of her (8th from 10th ) so if she puts more efforts she can come back to normal

my input might help you something at this time
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