Is my friend betraying me?


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I kinda did the chart to see. I guess she is then? 3rd house thing going on so maybe gossip? What do you guys see in it?


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if she is your friend.. id say watch your back! im still learning thou?

but here is what i see

you are saturn in house of worry and going into the house of other people/enemys.

she is seen by the 11th house and is jupiter in her own terms and in her house of conversation and is in your asc, so it may be about you,, also you both oppose each other!
moon is placed in her asc showing she is emotional at the moment it also squares the both of you!

i know i should have waited for the background but i dont like the chart at all! I hope im wrong


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Thanks for the replies. And you're right DiDi, it looks nasty.

This is the same girl I posted a while ago about the ridiculously karmic synastry chart. I'll call it synastry of doom for now on LOL

Long story gone somewhat short: I went away from her for a while and then (stupidly may I add) returned to her. :annoyed: Till there fine. Still, like I said before she drains me emotionally which led me to shut down. So hence in disguised anger, but not wanting to fight out right, she starts saying this mean things to me in this light hearted manner.:whistling: I let it go, but heck it's strike number 1 that one. It means she is passive-agressive and therefore as experience has thought me, quite able to pretend things are fine and throw hits under the table (gossip qualifies). She starts taking an unusual interest in my circle of acquaintaces, sure she could be just trying to stay close as a group but given the fact that she did this earlier and then abandoned the previous group she is not that trustworthy!:pouty: Then they slowly start to act weird around me. Suddenly, seems like ppl are watching my every move. About a week ago, I started to have this very bad feelings coming on. I have neptune in the 1st, and dare I say I can pick up on ppl's feelings so to speak. And boy is the energy heavy and disturbing!! I thought, no need to over analyse things! :happy: But i've seen her criticisize and complain about ppl behind their backs and if she does this to others, why wouldn't she do it to me? :sad: Anyway, everything is quite...subtle, so I said well lets see with an horary just to dispel the doubt and laugh about it :cool: but Well, flying kick to face this one! :surprised:

Anyways, thats just what I've seen as of late. My reiki teacher, who is a double scorpio with neptune in the 1st!!! :w00t: says this girl is kinda ...problematic. And if double scorp says that, ******* believ it!!!

Let's give it a look then? I think she is gossiping.


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well ill add one more neptune in scorpio in the 1st and raise you right smack on the asc lol:biggrin:

Yeah look, some people can deal with these types and thats fine and id like to have some of their patience. But most of us know if someone talkes about lots of people behind their backs you will be one of them to someone else they are speaking to. And life deals us plenty of good and bad and you dont need that kind of suport system in your life.

I thought the chart was a open book... did you notice the oppositions between you and her?


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Neptune in scorp, I take heed xD

What came to me is that maybe she is trying to make it seem like im the one who was doing all the wrong things? "Hey look, im so nice and all Aruilly does is oppose me, and act like im a poisonous snake". To be honest, to me even if she wasn't doing it deliberately to get back at me, the problem is she is kinda...invoking something nasty. She has moon scorpio conj, pluto, so I thought she was trying to get revenge on me or something, but if she continues to have this bad positioning, she is gonna materialize horrible things for everyone, herself included. Moon Pluto does things like that sometimes...

Interesting to me is that moon and pluto are squaring saturn, but saturn is trined by venus...hummm just what is that...?
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Aruilly, thanks for the history. You gotta go with what you feel.

We usually use Regio house sytem for horary, others also vary, so I'll read from this Placidus chart.

My take on the chart is slightly different..

Neptune on the ascendant, not usually considered but I take notice as its prominent. This could indicate some deception surrounding you, even self-deception this can include, or not seeing things clearly, foggy perception.

Jupiter is ruling your friend. Jupiter is also angular. Jupiter is considered the greater benefic, which as well as being well dignified usually shows a good person, means well. Jupiter also does go to oppose Saturn/you, that could show a parting of the ways coming up.

I just noticed Saturn retrograding to quincunx the ascendant, also an aspect not traditionally considered, but I see this as you not seeing things clearly, again reiterating Nep on the Asc.

Saturn is in the house of fears, and in Jupiter's detriment, showing your dislike for your friend, also your fears about this.

Moon is square Saturn, could show your anxiety, you seem in conflict with yourself and your friend. Also, Moon transfering light from square to Jup, to Saturn, not a nice reception also. Definate upcoming conflict and parting I see suggested in the chart.

Saturn is in her 10th cusp, Jupiter is on her 4th end of matters house. Confirming the ending.

I just don't see betrayl/gossip in the chart, parting yes... perhaps some more learned horarists can see this...



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Thanks Neptune rising. That's why we should always see many different views.:surprised: As for parting this happened already. I was too emotionally overwhelmed so I left them all. To be honest so far Im good about it. Better than staying there and feeling awful. If Im right or wrong though, it'll take a little more time to see.

Thanks anyway :happy: